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How F1 Simulators are Setting the Bar High for Corporate Events

Updated: Jun 14

If you are a motorsports fan, you have probably dreamt of holding the controlling wheel of a race car and zooming past several others on a legendary racetrack towards victory. But let us face the reality, only a few people ever get to realize that dream in real life and for normal people like us, taking the wheel of a powerful professional car is next to impossible. However, there is something we can do to live our dream- hire an f1 simulator and give your passion for driving a professional motorcar a full rein.

What makes a good F1 Simulator?

A superior simulator will have a steering wheel with full force feedback that can withstand harsh environments and arduous use. High-strength force feedback is provided in the superior games. Moreover, the steering box is constructed using components of industrial standards. In most cases, an elegant carbon fibre case protects the realistic and functional design of the device.


To add realism to the control system of the simulator, the steering wheel used in the simulator is designed to closely resemble a Formula 1 steering wheel which has all the features that an original one would have. During the thrill of racing action, the steering components are prone to heavy handling, which is common for simulators where passengers are highly involved.

Why is an F1 simulator a perfect addition to any event?

Most of us have dreamed of being inside a racing car; some even make it a reality and go ahead and buy one. But these high-priced cars are even more high maintenance when it comes to their repairs. Moreover, they are not suitable for the normal streets and belong to racing tracks only. This is the reason why people wouldn’t even think of owning an expensive racing car. This is where a formula 1 simulator comes to their aid.

An F1 simulator makes for an excellent attraction at any event as it gives an unmatched visual impact. If you're hosting a promotional event for your company, it will make for a unique and out-of-the-box centre piece attracting eyes from all over the room. In addition to attracting the attention of your customers, causing them to become more aware of your products and services, these cars are also great fun, and many people come back for more.

One of the biggest advantages of setting up an f1 simulator in any promotional event is that it opens up a networking opportunity to engage with your clients. A simulator acts as an interaction hotspot at any event.

Why choose us as your Formula 1 simulation partner?

The market is swarming with all kinds of event entertainment providers, then what makes us different?

At PSW Events, we not only just provide a simulator range with high-spec features, but we also have an actual authentic formula 1 car setup with authentic f1 wheels and other features to provide the best possible experience to the user. Want to know more about this immersive experience? Contact us, and one of our team members will walk you through the entire process.

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