Magic Mirror Booth Hire

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Magic mirror booth hire from PSW Events allows guests to take photos together, as they see their reflection in the mirror. The interactive magic mirror booth hire has a personality of its own and responds with both random and cheeky replies. You can even sign your name and leave a personalised message on the photo by using finger motions on the screen of the magic mirror booth hire. Before printing, you can approve the images and decide whether you want to take more photos or not. The prints always come out in high quality and instantly, so the moment can be cherished forever.

The magic mirror booth hire doesn’t take up much space, making it ideal for any event. Despite needing space in front of the magic mirror booth for users to take their picture, it can be set up in the corner of a room. Suitable for all events, from corporate to parties, the magic mirror booth can be used by everyone, making it a versatile additional to any event.

Mirror Magic Photo Booth Hire

Mirror magic photo booth hire provides hours of fun, after all, who doesn’t love a photo booth! A mirror magic photo booth takes selfies to a new level, as you can capture your whole body, sign the picture and have the image printed instantly. Unlike the traditional photo booth, users are able to see exactly what they look like, without being in a small booth. What’s more, due to the additional space you have, more people can get into the picture, making group pictures more fun and easier to take.

Opting for our mirror magic photo booth hire for your event, you can use it to increase brand awareness and visibility; use it to add your brand name onto the printed image, or have users write your brand name on the photograph. Every time they look at the image, they will see your brand name, which will remind them of the exciting event they attended and using the mirror magic photo booth hire.

Magic Selfie Mirror Hire

At PSW Events, magic selfie mirror hire has proven to be a popular choice amongst many of our customers. We will make the process of hiring our magic selfie mirror easy and set it up for you, prior to the event. All you need to do is provide us with the date, time and location and we will ensure that the magic selfie mirror hire in place before any guests arrive, and even check it is working for you! Once the event is over, we will pack up the equipment, so you don’t have to worry about a thing and can focus on the event.

If you would like more information about our magic selfie mirror hire, get in touch with our team at PSW Events or book the selfie mirror, here.

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