PSW Events specialise in simulator hire for event entertainment, locating in Cambridge, but serving the whole country and europe.

The management agree that on Receipt of PO number and / or Info request above the event is deemed to be under contract without need for a signatory, Cancellation will be required in writing and a confirmed by a member of PSW Events Ltd Office Staff.

1. A cancellation fee of £150 is payable if cancelled after Contracts have been administered or

2. A cancellation fee of 50% of the Contract value is payable if cancelled within 2 calendar months of the hire date.

3. A cancellation fee of 100% of the Contract value is payable if cancelled within 1 calendar month of the hire date.

4. The Management are responsible for adhering to payment terms and are liable for an administration charge of £250 + interest of 5% per month or part thereof for late payment.

5. The Management are responsible for all associated debt recovery and court costs implicated by late payment.

6. Any time given for delivery / collection is intended as an estimate only. Once the equipment / artist arrives at the venue the Fee becomes payable.

7. In the event of uncontrollable circumstances or breakdown of PSW Components on the Contract preventing us from being able to arrive at the venue or operate in part at the agreed date and times our liability shall be limited to a refund of any monies paid in relation to the Contracted event or pro-rata reduction as applicable. PSW Events Ltd shall not under any circumstances be liable, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise for any loss of profit, loss of business, depletion of goodwill, pure economic loss, loss of data or information, or for any special, indirect or consequential loss, costs, damages, charges or expenses however arising under the Contract.

8. PSW Events Terms & Conditions shall prevail over and operate to the exclusion of any terms or conditions contained in or referred to in any quotation, invoice, proposal, acceptance, correspondence or elsewhere or implied by law, trade custom, practice or course of dealing that purports to apply to the provision of the Services and Deliverables and any term, statement or representation (howsoever conveyed) that purports to act to the contrary shall not apply.

9. It is the responsibility of the management to make provision for any assistance that may be required to either gain access or to leave the venue. Any venue rooms or Marquees must be of a suitable size to house the ordered equipment in terms of footprint, height clearance and weatherproofing. If unsure of access requirements and unit footprints / heights please ask for assistance prior to event. (Door widths / steps / ceiling heights / ground Conditions / gateways / parking etc)

10. This booking has been made with a collection time, any delay in removing the equipment caused by the client, security, venue or guests may result in a waiting charge being levied.

11. Please be advised that in the event of inclement weather it may not be safe to unload / operate / continue to use some equipment.

12. Where mains electrical supply is required, the supply must be delivered to within 2 metres of the equipment.

13. When any item is hired from PSW Events Ltd without an Operator termed as ‘Dry Hire’, it is essential that the Management has the appropriate insurance to cover every eventuality that could arise including damage / loss of equipment and accidents to users. The Management are solely responsible for the equipment from install up to the point of Collection / Return including sign off of the relevant PSW Job Sheet.

14. The Management will be requested to Sign off the Job Sheet on delivery and collection any comments on performance and satisfaction can be made on this sheet and adhered to. Any further comments by other means will be null and void over and above that written on the job sheet in the case of a dispute.

15. The Management shall take full liability for any wilful damage caused to or theft of any part of the equipment whilst hired to them.

16. It is the responsibility of the Management to ensure that any permissions / licenses are in place for the venue to cover all equipment / Artistes hired.

17. Clients requiring any documentary evidence of relevant Test certificates, Risk assessment, Method statement and Public Liability insurance must request these at the time of booking as these are not always readily available on site.

18. PSW Events Ltd or their suppliers, whilst acting with caution cannot be held responsible for damage to Roads, Pathways, Flower beds, Lawns or any internal fittings and furnishings, however caused.

19. PSW Events Ltd shall not be liable in respect of Conditions or warranties whether expressed or implied, that have not been confirmed to them in writing.

Terms And Conditions