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Test the precision and steadiness of attendees at your event and see if they can hit bullseye with our archery simulator hire. The safe, but fun environment is perfect for both beginners and experienced archers, due to the range of skill levels available. To be successful with this simulator, the player needs to be calm, collected and have a good eye for accuracy. The realistic simulator allows players to fire a real bow at targets the size of Olympic targets, which can be interrupted by a cross wind, meaning that players need to be careful to set their shot up correctly. 


Ideal for events and theme nights, this versatile and exciting simulator is a real crowd pleaser, as other players can encourage one another to improve their play and go for their personal best. What’s more, the lifelike video backgrounds and audio brings the interactive game to life. The laser shot archery simulator hire can be used indoors, which is perfect for events that don’t have access to outside space. The game has 30 different game scenarios, so players can test their ability further and work on trying to improve their score and precision throughout the game. This simulator is ideal for those who have never picked up a bow and arrow before, as they can get used to the equipment, before having real arrows to fire. Perfect for improving safety, players can also have more of an understanding of the bow and adjust to the weight of it, before enjoying the sport with a real bow and arrow.

Archery Simulator Hire From PSW Events


Archery comes with a number of health benefits, and this simulator doesn’t disappoint. When players step up to take their shot, they must learn to tune out from any distractions and simply focus on getting the arrow as close to the middle of the target as possible. The concentration required is good practice for coping with high-pressure situations, making this a beneficial piece of equipment. During play, archers can improve their hand-eye coordination, as they learn to do each step in a sequence in a short period of time in order to execute a successful shot.


At PSW Events, we will do all the hard work, so you can focus on your event. Simply book our archery simulator, choose the time and date, and we will set the archery simulator hire up and ensure that health and safety regulations are met throughout the duration of the event. Our team have years of experience within the industry, so you can be sure that everything will run smoothly when you hire a simulator from us.


Our archery simulator hire, offers companies the chance to promote their brand and increase awareness, reaching a wider audience. If you would like to find out more information about our simulators or book one for your event, contact our team, today. We can answer any queries or questions you may have regarding hiring a simulator from us.

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