F1 Simulator

The drive of your life

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Enter the world of Formula 1 racing. Feel the force as you put the pedal to the metal in this high octane, F1 Simulator.

With high grade force feedback controls and replica carbon fibre steering wheels you’ll be living the race life of your favourite
F1 driving star.

Including F1 giants: Ferrari, Williams and McLaren Mercedes, our fleet of F1 simulators, produced under licence from original Formula 1 cars, the UK built BRD models are among the worlds' best.

Full livery and wrap branding applications available.

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Racing Seat Simulator

Single or multi player racing

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Experience the adrenaline rush as you go head to head in this twin, quad and eight player linked set of race seats. The steel frame, leather-wrapped racing wheel provides simulator grade force feedback, a six-speed gearshift, three pedal system, the latest technology 27’ HD flat screen, adjustable Corbeau leather racing rally seat, all mounted on polished aluminium. Combine this with the new and amazing integrated surround sound system, including a bass shaker translating low frequencies into motion and you are in for a truly unbelievable experience. 

Brand the base of the units to give your promotion or exhibition stand a stunning visual.

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Racing seat simulator key features list

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Motion Seat Simulator

Life in the fast lane!

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With an ultra powerful steering force feedback motor, professional grade steering wheel and pressure sensitive pedals which allow you to feel every detail of the cars’ behaviour the Motion Seat simulator will give you the full race experience.

With optional manual gear changing configurations and various dedicated steering wheels all of which feature quick disconnect systems for easy customization you can enjoy lap by lap sensations of hairpin bends and the home straight.

The configuration and implementation of audio is extremely important to realistic simulation and great effort has been put into the design of the audio system. A 1500W Dolby 5.1 surround sound system with finely tuned speaker placement ensures optimum performance that can, by the user's choice, delight or assault the senses.

The simulator comes standard with a 55" screen system of full 1080p resolution and a 60-degree field of view. Upgrade to the panoramic 55" triple-screen setup, which delivers 6,220,800 pixels and a 180-degree field of view and you have to turn your head to see the corners.

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Driver Training Simulator

Safety and numbers

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Road safety is a major concern in modern society. Increasing skills and promoting economic driving are fundamental aspects to reduce traffic accidents and the environmental impact of vehicles. With use of a full range of driving controls: steering, clutch, brake and accelerator; manual or automatic gears; plus the ancillary controls such as indicators, lights and horn, the Eco Driving simulator lets you drive freely through more than 80 km of totally realistic environments. Cities, mountain roads, highways and more.

Driver training suitable for your fleet through our realistic driving simulator, it is possible to practice with many car models. Each model faithfully recreates all the characteristics of its real life counterpart and provides a highly realistic experience using the different safety systems, such as ABS, traction and stability control.

At the end of each session, the drivers’ results are displayed in the form of a summary:

  • Overall skill rating score compared to a default average driver.

  • Average speed.

  • Average fuel consumption.

  • Total time.

  • Total distance covered.

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F1 Pit Stop Challenge

Create the buzz of the Grand Prix!

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Using a replica F1 car, the Pit Stop Challenge offers individuals and teams the chance to race against the clock and each other, to change the wheels on an F1 Car – using real high-powered airguns, car jacks, compressor and timing board.

One mistake in the process can cost the driver (and the team) a race win – even if the mistake only costs a few hundredths of a second.

Can you and your team handle the pressure?

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F1 Pitsop Challenge display at an event

Giant Scalextric

Fantastic fun for young and old!

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Race up to 8 cars on 3 lanes with exciting overtaking manoeuvres for a complete race event that no one will forget. Everyone remembers racing slot cars from their childhood, so why not relive those nostalgic moments with a custom track for hire made to your requirements. Bring out your competitive spirit and see if there are any budding Lewis Hamilton’s amongst your customers, friends, family or colleagues. You can’t go wrong with this classic big kids’ toy; with computer control, a wide range of cars and layouts to suit your needs on the Digital Giant Scalextric hire.

Branding options available to track and cars, ask for further details.

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