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Virtual Reality Games

PSW Events now offer the fabulous HTC Vive room-scale game play, fully immersive Virtual Reality gaming at its best. In addition ‘Call of the Starseed’, a fantasy adventure game which is mysterious and kind of creepy at times. Also ‘Vanishing Realms’, a Virtual sword fight with skeletons which wait around for you to make the first move, once that happens, it’s game on. Along with ‘Selfie Tennis’, tennis with yourself, which is both very simple and very weird but incredibly good fun. Volley the ball across the court, the game will immediately switch perspectives, allowing you to hit the ball again! And for the more creative we have ‘Tilt Brush’, making art whilst you walk around your creations. Hire the HTC Vive for your event, endless entertainment opportunities.

Virtual reality

HTC Vive Hire in action

Gaming Consoles

Entertainment hire for your party, wedding or team building event with the Wii, Xbox or PS4 consoles. Also we have the Wii Fit balance boards, Dance mats and Rock Band hardware packages on offer. In addition to your setup, we have our AV high definition screens or projection hire. Either 42″ Unicol mounted LED Screens to a more cinema like experience the options are endless. We can setup private games tournaments in your office or venue of choice, our systems have been used in VIP areas at the O2 Tennis tournament and the NBA pre-season games in London.

Key Features:
  • Break the ice with your guests and get them in party mode.
  • Great draw on exhibition stands to project your brand awareness.
  • Brilliant and fun way to interact with potential clients.
  • Exciting & entertaining, get your guests in the mood to engage and enjoy themselves
  • Easy to set up and use, our operators are on hand to create a competitive edge and keep high scores.

Wii Games Console HireStandard package includes 42” LED screen and stand, Gaming console and games disc & accessories, delivery, collection & installation and an operator. Up to 4 players can battle it out on any of these great games.

12 Gaming Console Stations in stock, all fitted with 42″ High Definition LED Screens their own Handsets and ancillaries.
Xbox Console Hire


A huge range of games options including training challenges or crazy fun. Either titles such as Lets Dance, Singstar, F1, Super Mario Cart, FIFA Football, Tiger Woods and Wii Guitar Hero or choose one and we will bring it into stock.

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