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A brilliant concept for all shotgunrifle & pistol shooters… here at PSW we have the largest range of shooting simulator Simulations for the Laser Shot system in the UK totalling 30 different games / disciplines.

Laser Shot is a brilliant multiple-application indoor laser shooting simulation system, a number of highly addictive formats from game birds to laser skeet’s and much more besides. For regular shooting practice, there are clay shooting and targets simulations, a variety of stimulating rifle and pistol simulations, both moving and stationary, and a great cross section of scenarios to test accuracy and reaction times.

The sounds, projected video images and recoil free weapons all make for a very safe but lifelike experience which is both very enjoyable and very entertaining for people standing around to watch!

The Laser Shot shooting system is ideal for James bond themed, Olympic sports style or traditional shooting events. Laser Shot has 15 fully interactive shooting games packages which score for participants and make real competitions possible between families, groups, or the public at events.

Laser Shooting Simulator Hire

Games Include amongst others:

shooting simulator hire


Fully adjustable software by the operator to suit the skill level of the shooter. As skill levels improve so the difficulty rating can be cranked up to match!

Technical Details:

Where located indoors footprint is 4.5m D x 3m W x 3m H .
If you need to exhibit the Simulator outside, our inflatable Cube marquees can be provided Dimensions 6m Wide x 7m Deep x 3.6m High.
Power supply : 220-240 volts, 1kw. Generator Power to be earth bonded.
Installation time : 1.5 hrs
Capacity : 1 player in one game
Max +/- 30 players/hour

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