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Segway Hire

Segway hire racing and events offer a new dimension in corporate entertainment and team buildingRiding a Segway is an entirely new experience; they increase self confidence and create a sense of achievement for allSegway racing and team building events offer a great day out packed with excitement and fun for all.

Segway Hire

  • Our Segways can operate on any terrain.
  • A variety of courses on offer.
  • Our cheerful & friendly staff supply training, motivate team building and competition.
  • For groups of all sizes.
  • Full training for all participants.
  • A variety of team building experiences.
  • Eco-friendly; Segways have zero emissions and run for 24 miles on less than ten pence worth of electricity.

You can reward your staff with a unique experience that will create a lasting impression.

Hiring a Segway for your eventexhibition or in-store promotion will drive the crowd your way and make an instant rapport with your prospects.

We can brand our Segway ad boards with your logo or corporate message.We can also supply attractive riders, who will distribute your flyers, samples or an invitation to find out more about your product or services / or we’ll train your staff to ride with confidence, to do the same. We’ll show you how to work a crowd with a Segway to maximise your hire period.

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Riding a Segway is like hovering above the ground. Gliding defines the movement rather than riding; they’re smooth and graceful and the experience is unique.

Stand on, and you will almost instantly feel connected to the machine. Lean forwards to go forwards, lean back to brake or go backwards, a light tug on the control shaft to the left or right to steer. That’s it. It seems to be almost intuitive to your will. Within just a few minutes you feel confident and as if your brain is plugged into the Segway, it feels so stable that you feel as if it is attached to the ground by rails. You feel elated, thrilled and a smile appears on your face –The Segway Smile!

You’ll amaze yourself with your ability to make a Segway obey your every command. Whether you can drive a car or ride a bicycle makes no difference. Even those with mobility problems take to a Segway like a fish to water. It’s a profoundly natural feeling even though a Segway uses complex technology. You feel in control, confident and safe. It’s really incredible just how quickly one feels as if the Segway is an extension of your body and gliding becomes almost an auto response.

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