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PSW directors have recently secured a deal to exclusively distribute the world`s only interactive multi sports simulator of its kind in the UK and Ireland. Whilst also contract hiring and operating the system to our clients worldwide.
Having enjoyed great success with our interactive penalty shootout system over the last 4 years in the domestic league and events worldwide, we felt we needed to extend the interactive concept to other popular sports. Being a world cup year, our main focus was creating the ultimate rugby simulator.

Carefully crafted to simulate an intensely real stadium environment, our rugby game gives you a chance to test your skill and your nerves as you kick conversions. After the game each player’s attempts and conversions are displayed in the post game analysis screen.

Location and Speed Tracking

Players are given real-time feed back on ball location and speed after each kick. Instant replays display the ball location and result in slow-motion.

Features of the Game 

Interactive Rugby Simulator hire

Interactive Rugby Simulator

Rugby Simulator Hire

  • 1 or 2 Players
  • 3 Skill Levels
  • 2 Realistic Stadium Environments
  • In-Game Speed and Location Tracking
  • In-Game Advertising
  • Instant Replay
  • Post Game Analysis
  • High Score Tracking
  • Boost Adjustment


Realistic Stadium Environment

The PSW Events Sports Rugby stadium was designed to simulate the experience of kicking in a professional stadium.

Rugby Simulator Hire - Environments

Post Game Analysis

After the game each players number of attempts and conversions are displayed in the post game analysis screen. Players can also replay kicks in slow motion.

Rugby Simulator Hire - Analysis

Rugby Simulator Hire PSW Events


 The State of the art technology will record the velocity and direction of the ball and determine whether the player has been accurate in hitting the target and scoring between the posts.

Rugby Simulator Hire for Events

Indoor outdoor event…. No matter !

The System is available for hire on a daily or contracted period. Housed in a bespoke designed polished quad truss frame with black covering. If your event is outdoors we have it covered, literally.
The Simulator has its own specially designed contemporary inflatable cube, incorporating a guest reception area for data collection, meet and greet etc before guests are escorted through to the game auditorium.


The external system can be fully branded as a road show unit in many ways, the game itself has digital stadium hoarding’s that can be multi- logo branded.

Technical Details:

Where located indoors footprint is 4m D x 4m W x 3m H or Low Height 4.8m D x 3.8m W x 2.7m
Outside, our inflatable Cube marquees can be provided Dimensions 6m Wide x 7m Deep x 3.6m High.
Power supply 220-240 volts, 1kw. Generator Power to be earth bonded.
Installation time 2 hrs
Capacity 1 or 2 players in one game,
Max +/- 30 players/hour

Accuracy and Speed Tracking

Inflatable Rugby penalty shoot and Passing game, kick or Pass the ball into the inflatable as hard as you can and the ball is registered and displayed by a state of the art digital visual display unit giving a clear & accurate result of the speed of your shot / pass.

Inflatable Rugby Passing game aim for the target holes with your passes to achieve a high score from 3 -5 attempts.

Rugby Simulator Hire - Penalty Speed test

Technical Details:

Footprint is 3.5m D x 4m W x 2.6m H .
Power supply : 220-240 volts, 3kw. Generator Power to be earth bonded.
Installation time : 1 hr
Max +/- 30 players/hour

Rugby Scrum Photo Prop

Fibreglass Rugby penalty Scrum Photo Prop, get your heads into it and join the team. Fun Photo prop for your next themed Rugby event.


Rugby Simulator Hire - Rugby Scrum Photo Prop

Rugby Scrum Photo Prop

Technical Details:

Footprint is 2m D x 2m W x 2.2m H .
Installation time : 1/2 hr
Max +/- 30 players/hour

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