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Racing simulator: Realistic driving starts here with our Motion Simulator rig, force feedback is transposed through the seat and steering wheel with accurate data and dynamics from the software. A multitude of Cars available from road saloon cars on the Nurburgring Track to Formula 1 racing on Silverstone Circuit. The end result is much more than just a great looking image on the screen, it’s the immersive feeling of actually being on track.

The audio configuration and implementation is extremely important to the realism of the simulation, the design of the Motion Sim’s finely tuned audio system includes a 1500W Dolby surround sound speaker placement ensuring optimum performance.

Racing Simulator –
Racing Simulator Hire

Racing Simulator hire

The Feeling

An ultra-powerful Fanatec steering force feedback motor, professional-grade steering wheel and pressure-sensitive pedals allow you to feel every detail of the car’s behaviour. Optional manual gear-changing configurations and various dedicated steering wheels all feature quick-disconnect systems for easy customization.

Realistic simulation starts with accurate data – procured directly from manufacturers, collected through 3D laser track scanning, augmented wuth the high-tech physics engine and tire modeling system, this data is transformed into feeling when you’re behind the wheel.

The 55″ Samsung 1080p resolution triple screen system delivers 6,220,800 pixels and a 180-degree field of view and you have to turn your head to see the corners.

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The Software

The Software is designed to be modded and is a top choice among real professional racing teams, for driver training and race car development.

It includes various controller presets and the possibility of creating a custom controller maps. Driving aids such as traction control, stability control, brake anti-lock, steering help, as well as automatic gear shifting and automatic clutch is available, making the simulator suitable for both experienced and inexperienced players alike.

In a detailed menu the player chooses various options regarding which car to drive (included a tuning menu to choose different specs of that car), which track to race on, how many Ai Opponents to race against and how fast and aggressive they should be. The menu also gives access to different race session options, such as number of laps/amount of time, time acceleration, Real Road options including rate and presets, flag rules and weather.

The car setup interface allows the player to adjust and fine-tune every adjustable part of the car. It also gives out tire temperature and hot pressure readings after a stint has ended.

Rubber is dynamically laid on the track surface, in real time, during a race session by the player and the AI. The rubber can carry over to the next sessions, and this calls for the player to constantly having to adapt to the advancing track conditions during a race weekend, which in a dry race weekend means more and more available grip throughout. when realistic tire wear and damage is selected this punishes the player for locking up the brakes, causing a flatspot. With the Simulator force feedback vibrations (tire suddenly has edges instead of being perfectly round) and a car imbalance (due to the lost weight of the burnt off tire).



Technical Details:

Where located indoors footprint is 2.2m D x 2.2m W x 2m H.
If you need to exhibit the Simulator outside, our inflatable Cube marquees can be provided Dimensions 6m Wide x 7m Deep x 3.6m High.
Power supply : 220-240 volts, 1.5kw. Generator Power to be earth bonded.
Installation time : 1 hrs
Capacity : 1 player in one game
Max +/- 15 players/hour

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