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We can proudly boast as being the longest serving operators of Bouncy Castles in the UK, that our safety record and efficient staffing system are second to none. All units are fully tested in accordance with BIHA standards and set up by professional operators to ensure a safe and fun unit for your event.*

* Please note that the actual unit hired may appear different to that shown in the picture.


Airborne AdventureAirborne_Adventure

Step inside our rocket where you will boldly go where no many people have gone before! You are harnessed into a parachute, where you will ascend skywards giving you a birds eye view of the surrounding area before floating back down by parachute. Suitable for children or adults.

Spec: W: 8m  D: 8m  H: 9m

Balloon ModellersBalloon_Modelling

We can supply balloon modellers for other events along with children’s parties. We have balloon modellers available for all promotional and advertising activities nationwide. We can supply balloon modellers to create designs out of your corporate colours and also giant creations such as an F1 Car ! Perfect for bringing attention at exhibition stands and kids creche or play zones in busy shopping centres and high street promotions. Why not hire a corporate balloon modeller for your next promotion.

Spec: W: n/a  D: n/a  H: n/a

Basketball HoopsBasketball Hoop game

Inflatable basketball shoot out is a game for up to 3 people. Standing at the front of the inflatable test your skill and throw foam balls to get them through the rings at the top.

Spec: W: 4m  D: 4m  H: 5m

Bouncy Boxing


Hilariously oversized boxing gloves (child’s and adult’s sizes available) and a 16ft inflated boxing ring. Whatever happens next is over to you! Who will become the heavyweight champion? You will need to hit, swing, dodge, dive and duck with the huge foam filled gloves and the safety headgear making this a hilarious game to watch.

Bouncy Castle Large

Large Bouncy Castle Hire

PSW have the UK’s largest mobile Bouncy castle available for hire, complete with queue rail system and professional attendant.

Bouncy Castle SmallBouncy Castle Hire

A number of shapes, sizes and Artwork styles available for hire.

Bungee RunBungee Run Hire

Bungee run is all inflatable. The twin lane bungee run can be used for corporate eventsteam buildingfun days and school events. Each participant puts on a Velcro harness, which is attached to a bungee cord. They both run forward together, stretching the elastic as far as possible.

Spec: W: 3m  D: 10m  H: 2.5m

Climbing WallClimbing Wall

Two person inflatable climbing wall, is a must for any older child’s party, up to adults. Fitted up with a professional climbing harness and assisted by our fully trained attendant, your’e ready to ascend a 14 foot climb up the inflatable, by means of soft blocks on the wall.

Spec: W: 3.5m  D: 4m  H: 5.5m

Crazy BikesCrazy_Bikes_Hire

Amazing Crazy bikes, you can have simple set of 6, medium set of 10-12, big set of 20-30 or massive set of 40-50 wobbly bike items.
Comes with operators and can be set up with our own barriers or your arena.

Spec: W: 12m  D: 12m  H: n/a

Crazy GolfCrazy_Golf

9 Hole Crazy Golf Course, each with it’s own unique obstacle, offering fun for all the family Crazy golf is fast becoming one of the most popular activities at a fun day, fete or corporate event. The 9 hole crazy golf game comes in a area of bunting with a small popup marquee at the entrance, participants are given a pencil and score card to make it competitive or just for fun.

Spec: W: 12m  D: 6m  H: n/a

Dunk TankDunk Tank Hire

This dunk tank is great fun for everyone whether they can swim or not, you can use this dunk tank as a special occasion to put the managing director of your company on the hot seat at a family fun day or corporate event, or why not put the head teacher in it at your school fete or fun day.

Spec: W: 3.5m  D: 3m  H: 4m

Face PaintingFace_Painting

From small party to Corporate Fun day our team of Face Painters offer face painting ideas in many colour combinations and numerous designs to choose, from comic characters to butterflies, great for all ages! We also have fun Tattoos are great temporary water based ink and natural plant based which are safe for all ages.

Spec: W: 3m  D: 4m  H: 3.5m

Football Penalty ShootFootball Penalty Shoot

The Inflatable football shootout game is ideal for children and adults, the player stands with a ball in front of the penalty shootout game and when ready kicks the ball into the goal at the back of the unit. Drawn on the back wall is a goalkeeper and around him some holes in the wall which provide different points if the ball is kicked inside them. The balls are caught with another net to keep the balls all together. The player who scores the most points is the football champion.

Spec: W: 3m  D: 4m  H: 3.5m

Football Penalty Speed TestFootball Penalty Speed test

Similar idea to the standard inflatable penalty shoot game, but instead of aiming for the target holes you kick the ball into the inflatable as hard as you can and the ball is registered and displayed by a state of the art digital visual display unit will give you a clear & accurate result of the speed of your shot.

Spec: W: 3.5m  D: 3.5m  H: 2.6m

Giant GamesGiant_Garden_Games

Giant games or garden games can provide hours of fun for all ages. There are lots of activities available, and the majority can be played as indoor games as well as outdoor games. Choose from Connect 4, Chess, Draughts, Twister, Pick up sticks, Snakes and Ladders, Darts, Hand Buzzer and many more

Spec: W: n/am  D: n/am  H: n/a

Gladiator DuelGladiator Inflatable Duel

Padded Baton sticks on a pedestal over a heavily padded (inflated) safety mat. A version of the popular TV Gladiators game. Versions for both Adults and children. This is great fun for spectators as well as participants.

Spec: W: 5m  D: 5m  H: 1.5m

Golf Target GameGolf Target Practice

Inflatable Golf target game, suitable for real balls and Irons, score points for the various height and size holes and hit the top of the leader board.

Spec: W: 3m  D: 5m  H: 3.5m

Human Demolition ZoneHuman Demolition Zone

Are you ready to rumble? Welcome to the “Zone”. Vibrant and visual with huge impact this is the ultimate crowd pleaser. A 4 person game on this amazing inflatable, with its 4 checker plate pedestals and a massive 1 meter diameter wrecking ball this is perfect for team eventsknockout challenges or just for fun for all age groups.

Team Game Options:
How many times was your team knocked off their pedestals in the allocated time? Or 1team per pedestal, each time a player is knocked off they are replaced by another team member, the last remaining person on represents the winning team.

Human Table FootballHuman Table Football

Inflatable table football also known as fuss ball. Teams of 5 a side Velcro themselves to the sliding bars to restrict their movement. To make it a team building experience, 4-foot high sides allows spectators full view for cheering on their team. A fantastic football game for 8 year old’s up to adults.

Inflatable Slide LargeInflatable Slide Hire

The ever popular inflatable slides come in many different shapes and sizes and a varying steepness to test your bravery.

 Spec: W: 9m  D: 12m  H: 7.5m

Inflatable Slide SmallInflatable Slide Hire

Suitable for younger kids, can also come in combination’s with venture play activities.

 Spec: W: 4m  D: 6m  H: 5m

Inflatable VolleyballInflatable Beach Volleyball

Inflatable volleyball is a great team building game for 8 years of age up to adults. It has 14 foot high sides that keep the ball in play longer, but spectators can see through the netted sides. 

Land TrainLand_Train

Land Trains are very popular at family fun days, school fetes, corporate occasions & any special events. Robbie the Land Train has a colourful engine and carriages can hold up to 24 children and adults mixed. Its design allows the back 2 seats, in the back carriage, to be quickly and easily removed, allowing room for disabled access in a wheelchair. Robbie the land train can be driven on private grounds or on the road. If the land train is driven on the road, it can only have 1 carriage behind the engine, or 2 carriages on private grounds.

Magic Bendy MirrorsMagic_bendy_mirrors

The Magic Bendy Mirrors are free standing and each mirror stands 2 meters high and 1.1 meter wide, the mirrors make you look thin, fat, tall, short etc..great family fun, the mirrors are set up within a white picket fence and are suitable for all ages. The Magic mirrors are great for any corporate party, funday, school fete, council funday, birthday parties and much more. Can be delivered all over the uk for a corporate funday package.

Pony Hop Horse RacingInflatable Horse racing

4 players each sit astride an inflatable pony hopper, once instructed by the start marshal they bounce their way down a 50 foot race track to the finish line avoiding interference with the other riders and certain disqualification by the race officials ! Being great fun for players/spectators alike, Pony horse racing is ideal for inside or outside use. 

Pulsar Laser QuestPulsar_Laserquest

Laser Quest contestants enter the domain equipped with a laser gun attempting to hunt down and shoot the opposition. This comes as a two team game where you can hunt in packs, or go as the lone ranger. Just make sure your as quiet as possible or the opposition may strike! The laser quest concept is extremely popular, and now it is in the form of a mobile inflatable with giant alien centrepiece for extra impact, ready to appear at your next event. Hire Laser Quest for a guaranteed form of fun and laughter at any occasion.

Quad Bike TrackQuad_Bike_Track

The superb quad bike track is available to hire for your party or corporate event. Suitable for kids from the age of 6yrs and 14yrs ( Height and weight restrictions do apply ) the Quad bikes are driven around a large track set up on flat Grass or Gravel and staffed by competent marshalls. A 3 foot high barrier wall surrounds the area to ensure safety for riders and spectators.

Rodeo BullRodeo Bull Hire

The very famous Rodeo Bull is ideal for that party with a difference. See how long you can hang on as our bucking beast does his best to dismount you. Be it the 4th of July celebrations or Western themed nights or just general lunacy, this mechanical monster, complete with glowing red eyes is one of the best ways to ensure a memorable evening or party. Always supplied with a trained operator and fully insured Safe and great fun will be had by all. See how long you can stay on, then tune up the banjo, break out the barbeque and set up the square dance for an unforgettable experience. Also available are the Rodeo SheepReindeerRugby Ball + many more.

 Spec: W: 5m  D: 5m  H: 1.5m

Rugby Passing AccuracyRugby Passing Accuracy test

The Inflatable Rugby Passing game is ideal for children and adults, the player stands with a ball in front of the passing game and when ready throws / passes the ball into the target sheet at the back of the unit. Drawn on the back wall is a number of scores adjacent to holes which provide different points if the ball is passed inside them. The balls are caught with another net to keep the balls all together. The player who scores the most points is the football champion.

Spec: W: 3.5m  D: 3.5m  H: 2.6m

Rugby Penalty Speed TestRugby Penalty Speed test

Similar idea to the standard inflatable penalty shoot game, but instead of aiming for the target holes you kick the ball into the inflatable as hard as you can and the ball is registered and displayed by a state of the art digital visual display unit will give you a clear & accurate result of the speed of your shot.

Spec: W: 3.5m  D: 3.5m  H: 2.6m

Santas GrottoSantas Grotto

A number of options available form basic Inflatable cabin grotto, with additional white picket fencing and theming to the front, and a good quality Santa and Elf suit. The theming will come with an assortment of 15 to 20 different Christmas decorations to brighten up and attract children to the area. The decorations will vary but there will be Christmas trees, Christmas decorations that play festive music, snowmen, presents, Santa’s Throne and much more. Depending on the event times, if you are hiring the grotto for an evening event we can include lights and light up decorations to make the area bright and colourful.

Side Stalls HireSide_Stalls_Hire

Selection of Side Stalls to choose from with the ever popular Hoopla, Hook a Duck, Coconut Shy, Tin Can Alley, Darts and Ball in a Bucket.

Sky DancersSky_Dancers

This 5m illuminated Sky dancer, dances and spins magically in the air with the aid of powered air jets. Can be Themed with a promotional banner for your promotion or Party, grabbing attention from afar. Themes, colours and styles may vary depending on stock levels.

Sumo WrestlingSumo Wrestling Game

The rules of Sumo are very simple. A rikishi (a sumo wrestler) cannot have any part of his body except his feet touch the dohyo (the wrestling ring), and must not be pushed or wrestled out of the ring. In the middle of the ring, there are two white lines called shikirisen. The shikirisen are positioned so the rikishi face each other. The judge gives the signal for the fight to begin. Both fighters crouch down, and glare at each other, hoping to intimidate and break their opponent’s focus. This glaring can go one for up to four minutes. When their hands touch the shikirisen, they can charge. This first charge is called the tachi-ai and is crucial to who wins the fight. The rikishi can use any maneuvers to push their opponent to the floor or out of the ring.

Surf SimulatorInflatable Surf Simulator

This radical and fun activity is perfectly suited for all ages at any indoor or outdoor event.Surfs up dude! If you’re into chasing that perfect wave, then this is the ultimate test of skill, coordination and agility, without having to get wet. Interactive rides don’t get better than this. Attempt to ‘Hang Ten’ on our Surf Simulator – an actual surfboard which operates over an air cushioned “ocean” of inflatable fun. An operator controls the angle and speed of the surfboard, adjusting difficulty levels to suit each individual.

 Spec: W: 5m  D: 4m  H: 2m

Venture Play LargeInflatable Venture Play

We have many Venture play themes to choose from including Boot camp, Circus and Pirate ship where you can scramble over inflated figures, through the squeeze wall and barrels, into squeeze tubes with more figures and then down the slide to finish. Being our largest inflatable it is a great feature for any event. 

Spec: W: 25m  D: 6m  H: 6.5m

Venture Play SmallActivityRun_Small

Children scramble over inflated characters, through the squeeze wall and barrels then down the slide to finish.

Spec: W: 25m  D: 6m  H: 6.5m

Water Balls HireWater_Balls_Hire

Water Walkers are huge inflatable 2 metre water walking balls, a unique attraction for birthday parties, corporate events and team building. Once inside you can walk, run, roll, flip and spin on top of the water, without even getting wet!
Set up requires a water supply (Hydrant) within 40m and drainage within 30m.

Spec: W: 9m  D: 6m  H: 2.5m

Zorb Balls HireZorb_Ball_Hire

Zorbing or Bubble Football is a unique fast, furious and fun experience which can be enjoyed as a roll around a track or a full on football challenge. Participants enter the large zorb balls and can have the experience of a lifetime as they traverse like a Hamster or enjoy the challenge of scoring a Goal.

Spec: W: Varies  D: Varies  H: Varies

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