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Graffiti Wall

The Spray Paint Wall is a state of the art interactive digital graffiti surface. It works by using customised spray paint cans packed with Infra Red technology, when the cap is pressed instead of spraying paint it emits invisible Infra Red light that our custom software can track. The position of the spray paint can is tracked and the software calculates where to spray the digital paint. It is so realistic it feels like the real thing! (But with less mess and no nasty fumes) Guests can jump in front of a backdrop, have their photos taken and then instantly loaded onto the Graffiti Wall, they can then begin to spray paint their photo, dress themselves in virtual props and write virtual messages. These can then be shared on facebook, emailed to the guest and printed off to for your guests to keep and also stick in the guest book.

Graffiti wall hire


  • Upload creations directly to facebook
  • Guests can email themselves their photo
  • After the event videos of the designs can be uploaded and shared on YouTube
  • Load photos of your guests to the wall
  • Fill in pre-made stencils with digital graffiti
  • Stamp clip art over photos and designs
  • At the beach or on the Ski Slope anything is possible with our built in green screen feature.
  • Print your designs directly to Tshirts
  • Print your designs directly to Caps
  • Key rings, Mugs and Fridge Magnets…Digital Graffiti Wall Hire
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