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Exhibitions are powerful for achieving brand awareness, lead generation and targeted marketing. Our interactive Flight Simulator will help you stand out and encourage visitors to engage with your brand.

Flight Simulator –

Flight Simulator Hire Motion Flight Simulator

The Feeling

Using a professional-grade Joystick along with pressure-sensitive pedals combined to feel every detail of the Planes behaviour.

The audio configuration and implementation is extremely important to the realism of the simulation, the design of the Motion Sim’s finely tuned audio system includes a 1500W Dolby surround sound speaker placement ensuring optimum performance.

The 55″ Samsung 1080p resolution triple screen system delivers 6,220,800 pixels and a 180-degree field of view and you have to turn your head to see the corners.


The Software

X-Plane 10 Global software in Conjunction with our Motion Rig Simulator is the world’s most comprehensive and powerful flight simulator offering the most realistic flight model available.

Not a game, but an engineering tool that can be used to predict the flying qualities of fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft with incredible accuracy.

Because X-Plane predicts the performance and handling of almost any aircraft, it is a great tool for pilots to keep up their currency in a simulator that flies like the real plane, for engineers to predict how a new airplane will fly, and for aviation enthusiasts to explore the world of aircraft flight dynamics.

X-Plane contains subsonic and supersonic flight dynamics, allowing users to predict the flight characteristics of the slowest aircraft or the fastest. X-Plane also includes more than 30 aircraft, spanning the aviation industry and its history. Aircraft included range from the Bell 206 JetRanger and Cessna 172 to the Space Shuttle and the B-2 Bomber.

The full X-Plane scenery package covers the Earth in stunning resolution from 74° north to 60° south latitude. On Earth, users can land at any of over 33,000 airports or test their mettle on aircraft carriers, frigates (which pitch and roll with the waves).

More information on the many other great features of X-Plane such as:-

  • Weather modelling (including downloading current real-world weather from the Internet),
  • Simulated system failures (user initiated or completely random),
  • Instructor-controlled conditions,
  • Aircraft customization (We can even create your own aircraft!)



Flight Simulator Hire - Flight Controls

Technical Details:

Where located indoors footprint is 2.2m D x 2.2m W x 2m H.
If you need to exhibit the Simulator outside, our inflatable Cube marquees can be provided Dimensions 6m Wide x 7m Deep x 3.6m High.
Power supply : 220-240 volts, 1.5kw. Generator Power to be earth bonded.
Installation time : 1 hrs
Capacity : 1 player in one game
Max +/- 15 players/hour

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