Fairground Rides

Traditional Funfair Rides

Big Wheel Big Wheel

The big wheel fairground ride is a traditional ferris wheel. This classic funfair big wheel fairground rideBig wheel hire gives you a high visibility factor atevents. Once on the ride guests will be able to see far across the town and enjoy the breathtaking views.

The traditional big wheel operators of our fairground rides are all members of the Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain. Ferris wheel hire will let your guests know where to come for the fun. The fairground big wheel is great complimented with our otherfairground attractions and fairground ride hire.

Hire Ferris wheel, a great attraction for any event. The fairground wheel will let you have your own mini London EyeHire Big wheel for big fun.

Cake Walk Cake Walk

Try and walk around on a wobbly board to get from one end to the other. A long standing Victorian favourite attraction.

Carousel – Gallopers Carousel

The traditional carousel galloping horse’s roundabout was the trademark of the golden age of fairground rides. When steam power came to the fairgrounds late in the 19th century, it allowed for big heavily ornamented gallopers, lines of carousel horses going up and down on brass poles whilst the whole ride revolved to the sound of mechanical music.

Basically a merry go round for adults. From that moment on they became the centrepiece of the funfair, and now have a wonderful nostalgia value. For atraditional ride the old fashioned carousel can not be beaten. Carousel hire for your corporate fairground is a great idea.

The fairground carousel is one of the top fairground attractions. The carousel ride is suitable for children and adults alike. Book a Carousel for your next event.

Chairoplanes Chairoplanes

Fairground chair-o-planes, are a great attraction at any corporate fairground. As the ride rotates this time the Chairoplanes are elevated and swing out in the open as if they are flying as individual units. The Chair-o-planes are superb funfair rides.

Chair o planes are one of the most popular fairground attractions. There areadult and a children ride available. Again something everyone has experienced andcarnival rides that always attract maximum attention. Feel the freedom of flying around your event within the safety of a seat. When you hire Chair-o-planes it is a great visual attraction for any event, and Chair-o-plane hire is also a great way to see the surrounding area.

Funfair Chairoplanes hold their own with all the other best fairground rides.

Spec: W: 18m D: 18m  H: 6m

Dive Bomber Dive Bomber

Eyerly patented this thrill ride in 1938, conceived as part of his background in flight-simulation training. The ride consists of twin cars mounted on a vertical rotating arm, the cars spinning on their own axles. The trick is that the rider is never turned upside-down, but the Dive Bomber remains a fearful ride. Built under licence at Blackpool, the original machine had a tilting boom that gave another plane of flight, but this was quickly discarded. Innovative showmen twinned the machines in later years to increase capacity.

The Dive Bomber can be argued to be the first true thrill-ride, cutting an imposing site on any fairground up until the 1980s. The ratchet noise of the chain drive combined with the stark and lonely nature of the vertical car (often decorated in fighter pilot imagery) made the Dive Bomber a tentative hit on the fairground, something that loitered in the punter’s memory.

Spec: W:6m D: 15m H: 13.5m

Helter Skelter Helter Skelter

The Helter Skelter fairground ride, another all time classic, this spiral helterskelter slide built around a high tower is still one of the favourite fairground rides. The fairground Helter Skelter is a great centrepiece for any corporate fairground. A traditional Helter Skelter will give great views over your event.

Helter Skelter hire and traditional ride hire are great complimented by our otherfairground games. The Helter Skelter funfair ride adds another dimension to your event. Hire Helter Skelter for hours of fun.

Guests simply take a mat, climb the internal stairs, when they reach the top they will get wonderful panoramic views of the whole area. They simply sit on their mat and are taken down around the outside of the Helter Skelter.

Spec: W: 9m  D: 9m  H: 15m

Octopus Octopus Ride

The Octopus ride has five to eight arms attached to a central axis which rotates moving the arms up and down randomly, while cars at the end of the arms spin 360 degrees.

Spec: W: 12m  D: 13.5m  H: 6m


High Striker High Striker Strength Machine

The Hi Striker is hugely popular at any event and ideal for fun dayspromotions and themed events, Test your strength on the 15 foot high traditional striker, ring the bell to win. For funfair games high striker hire is very popular.

The high striker can be used both indoors and out, optional lighting is available on request for night time use. Suitable for use by both children & adults alike. Hire hi striker for one of the best fairground attractions.

Great entertainment throughout the day with guests trying to see how strong they are. Hi Striker hire really is a test of strength. You can also hire high striker in a package with our other fairground games.

Spec: W: 3m  D: 3m  H: 5m

Swinging Gyms Swinging Gyms Fairground Ride

The Swinging Gyms fairground ride. If you enjoy a white-knuckle ride, then this is definitely one of the top fairground attractions for you. With Swinging Gyms hire, once locked into your seat and sitting comfortably, the ride of your life will begin. The Swinging Gyms funfair ride is not for the feint-hearted.

The Swinging Gyms will twist and turn, and literally turn the world upside down. For fear factor, the Swinging Gym is rated 11/10, the screams can be heard for miles around, as no one is sure what is going to happen next, make sure you’re holding on tight. Don’t expect your legs to work properly afterwards either.

The fairground Swinging Gyms is a great attraction at any corporate fairground. The Swinging Gyms ride can be complimented by some of our other more gentlefairground gamesHire Swinging Gyms for all action fairground rides.

Spec: W: 15m  D: 12m  H: 10.5m

Wall of Death Wall of Death Display

The show is suited to a large crowd and holds a maximum of 200 people, we will perform between 6 and 20 shows to suit crowd size.

This unique show first appeared in the United Kingdom in 1929, by 1950 there were many Walls of Death in the Country. Today there are a few remaining in the World with only a handful of people able to meet the exacting standards required.

The Hell Riders Wall of Death is indeed one of the last great live shows traveling today and is a major attraction at many events throughout the UK.

Our team leader is recognised as the World’s Leading Wall of Death Rider, and has numerous television appearances to his credit, including ITV’s Heartbeat and You Bet, currently featured on BBC1 and has recently been on Blue Peter. The show is also regularly seen on the Discovery and other satellite channels.

Spec: W: 13.5m  D:13.5m  H: 9m

Waltzer Waltzer Ride Hire

The fairground Waltzer is great at creating excitement through speed, lights and music inside an enclosed area. On the Waltzer fairground ride a series of round cars pivoted to platforms, travel around a circular track with hills and a flat section.

The Waltzer undulates causing the cars to spin on their own axis, and they can be made to twist even faster by the operators walking the platform whilst the Waltzer rideis in motion. Hire Waltzer for all the fun of the fair. The Waltzer funfair ride can have two to three passengers per seat and is a great crowd pleaser. Waltzer hire is one of our most popular fairground rides.

The traditional Waltzer offers great fun for all riders, as funfair rides go this is one of the best.

Wave Swinger Wave Swinger Ride Hire

As the name suggests, the ride moves in an oscillating, wavelike motion as the top rises telescopically, tilting at its peak, flinging riders of young and old into the cool breeze at 30km/h (10 rpm). The rotating top is raised via 4 sets of cables linked to a hydraulic ram inside the central column. The ram then retracts, pulling the cables that lift the centre ring (and attached carousel) upwards; eventually tilting over a curve in top of the central pole, which rotates in the opposite direction to create the ride’s oscillating motion.

Spec: W: 12m  D: 12m  H: 12m

Favourites Ride Hire

Dodgems Dodgems Hire

With the Dodgems being the most popular attraction of all fairground rides, early booking is recommended. Unlike traditional dodgems, with the bumper cars being modern all are fitted with seat belts. Inside the fairground dodgems track there are flashing and fluorescent lights, strobes and lasers and it is fitted with a top of the range sound system.

Dodgem cars are a must for your corporate fairground, these amusement rideswill keep everyone entertainedHire Dodgems and let the fun begin.

With Dodgems hire, set up time is 5 hours, dismantling 5 hours and there will be 3 staff operating the equipment. Funfair dodgems are classic fairground attractionsfor any event.

Spec: W: 1m D: 12m H: 6m

Giant Wheel Giant Ferris Wheel

Ever since the London Eye graced the banks of the River Thames for the new millennium, people around the world have re-awoken to the potential of the Giant Ferris Wheel as an observation structure and tourist attraction.

Towering over 100ft (35 metres) into the sky, this impressive structure is one of the tallest rides of its kind currently traveling the UK. The attraction has already appeared at some of the county’s biggest events, and is also perfect for corporate hire, product launches etc.

Spec: W: 30m D: 30m H: 33m

Jump and Smile Jump and Smile Ride

Fast and furious, this ride can provide a number of different experiences due to its sophisticated computer control system, every ride is different.


Matterhorn Matterhorn Ride

The Matterhorn or Flying Bobs is an amusement ride very similar to the Superbob, which consists of a number of cars attached to axels that swing in and out. The rising and lowering shape of the ride base causes an enhanced swinging motion which becomes more dramatic the faster the ride goes.

Miami Miami Trip Ride

The Miami Trip is a sixteen seater ride where the seats swing from side to side, suddenly the passengers stop in mid air there is the unnerving anxiety as they are not sure whether they are going to swing left or right in the next movement. The Miami trip fairground ride is one of the modern fairground attractions. These amusement rides bring the fun fair to your event.

Miami trip hire is very similar to the thrills of a pirate ship or flying carpet without the uniformity of movement. The fairground Miami trip can be complimented with our other fairground rides.

The Miami trip funfair ride is a superb form of entertainment for those wanting something a little bit different. Hire Miami trip for a visually superb looking unit. TheMiami trip ride is also great for spectators to watch the guests onboard as they squeal with delight. One of the best funfair rides.

Spec: W: 13.5m D: 4.5m H: 12m

Orbitor Orbiter Ride

Orbitor ride hire, imagine six arms, radiating from a central pivot, jointed like an elbow, with a cluster of cars on the end of each one. The orbitor ride rotates, the speed increases and the cars, which also turn independently, are lifted up as the jointed arms swing out.

The orbitor is an open-air ride, which needs an area of 60-foot diameter. Theorbitor fairground ride is great fun for individuals and groups alike; Orbitor hireoffers one of the most exhilarating funfair rides available, ideal for your corporate fairground.

The fairground orbitor is sure to be the most popular over the next few years. Asfairground attractions go the orbitor funfair ride, is one of the best fairground rides around. Hire Orbitor for your next event.

Spec: W: 18m D: 18m H:7.5m

Paratrooper Paratrooper Ride

Paratrooper also known as an “Umbrella Ride” wherby cars are suspended below a wheel which while being raised by a pneumatic arm rotates at an oblique angle. The cars are free to rock sideways and swing out under centrifugal force when the wheel rotates.

Rockaplane Rockaplane Ride

The Rocka-plane ride has a shape similar to that of a Ferris wheel, but with seats that are enclosed in an egg shaped cage and rock and roll as the ride turns. If the rocking builds sufficient momentum the seats will flip upside-down and end-over-end and can be held in position using a wheel inside to lock the seat and prevent it from rocking.

Spec: W: 13.5m  D: 10m  H: 12m

Rotor Rotor Ride Hire

The Rotor uses basic centrifugal force to pin its occupants to the outsides of a wooden cylinder. When the optimum speed is reached the riders become safely stuck to the wall, the operator then lowers the floor, leaving riders high up the wall and turning upside down if they can manage it. At the end of the ride the cylinder gradually slows to a stop allowing riders to slowly slide down the wall landing on the raised floor.

Spec: W: 15m  D: 13.5m  H: 12m


Roundup Roundup Ride Hire

Another ride that harnesses the power of centrifugal force. This time the riders are fastened inside a giant mesh cage, when the ride reaches high velocity it lifts into the air letting you know what a fighter pilot experiences in a high G force dive.

Spec: W: 15m  D: 13.5m  H: 12m

Simulator Capsule Simulator Hire

The Astrojet 17 seater Simulator is the most popular choice simulator on the UK market. Using the very latest cutting edge UK technology to drive the accurate and responsive hydraulic system and reproduced on screen with High tech Laser Players and Cinema style HD Projectors onto the biggest Capsule screen size in the UK, the stunning effect is completed with the Virtual Surround sound system. Units come with self contained super silent generators or can run internally on 63amp 3 Phase supply.

Spec: W: 6m  D: 14m  H: 5m

Superbob Super Bob fairground Ride

The Super Bob is a basic two-hill roundabout with a condensed set of cars giving the customer a chance to experience a similar thrill to the dangerous mountain sport. Both the Matterhorn and Super Bob had the advantage of a high riding capacity whilst still retaining all the necessary ‘thrill seeking’ aspects to convince the public to have a go.

Superbowl Superbowl Fairground Ride

The Super Bowl ride consists of ten cars similar to a Waltzer which free spin on the main ride platform. The platform then rises to a 45 degree angle as it increases speed, in turn the cars spin from side to side giving the riders a real kick as they fly around the bottom.

Spec: W: 12m  D: 12m  H: 10m

Tagada Tagada Ride

Riders sit in a round bowl with no seatbelts or restraints. There are bars behind theriders which they hold onto. The ride starts to spin and hydraulic arms move theriders up and down. Most operators give time for riders to get to their seats again before making the ride bounce. Sometimes riders will be told the ride is over and the gates will not open and the operator will restart the ride making everyone fall over and then open the gates.

Spec: W: 16m  D: 12m  H: 6m

Twist Twist Funfair Ride

On the fairground Twist, or fairground Twister, clusters of cars revolve independently at the end of three arms, which in turn revolve horizontally around a central pivot. These fairground rides are the best on the market. The funfair twist is one of the most popular. Hire twister ride for your next corporate fairground.

The twist ride achieves a wheel – within – wheels action. On the twister ride the rush of fresh air, the G-force felt by the riders and the apparent collision course as the arms appear to intersect. This coupled with the sudden swing as the cars reach their furthest point, all contribute toward very exciting funfair ridesTwister ride hire is a great attraction for any mobile fairground.

Hire twist ride for an action packed ride. The funfair twister is loved by all.

Family Rides & Side Shows

Bungee Trampolines Bungee Trampolines

Using multiple bungee cords the traditional trampoline has been turbo charged to give a gravity defying ride that gets the adrenaline pumping in a totally safe environment.

Jumpers are able to reach heights that would be impossible using a trampoline alone, secured and safe in their adjustable purpose built harness they are free to experiment with acrobatic movements and summersaults (the record is 5in one jump) or to simply jump as high as they can. The rapid rate at which confidence sky rockets after your first double somersaults creates a contagious buzz between both participants and spectators.

Cascade Slide Cascade Slide Hire

Enjoy the sensation of skiing on this brightly coloured modern Cascade Slide.

Firmly seated on a comfortable mat, hold your breath and off you speed down the 21m slide from a height of 9m.

Drop Tower Small Kids Drop Tower

A smaller version of the ever popular Drop Towers, 6 riders are held firmly in place by a lap bar and raised to a height of 25ft then held in suspense before experiencing a number of stomach lifting drops.

Spec: W: 6m D: 12m  H: 9m

Fun House Fun House

A fabulous family attraction coming in many sizes themes and colours. Imaginative constructions incorporating slides, lighting, moving stairs, walkways and tunnels.

Spec: W: 18m D: 6m H: 9m

Ghost Train  Ghost Train Hire

The traditional ghost train is a favourite with guests of all ages, take a seat on theghost train and you will be frightened by all the weird visual effects and noises that come from within the unit. A ghost train ride is unforgettable.

The fairground ghost train is great entertainment and a real family favourite. In the fun fair as you ride around the inner dungeon suddenly a skeleton appears with all the ghoulish noises you don’t know what to expect next. Fairground rides add another dimension to your eventGhost train hire is one of the most popular fairground attractions, of the funfair rides.

On the amusement rides see the rest of the guests quivering in panic but also screaming with enjoyment and excitement of the funfair ghost trainHire ghost train, a great attraction which is not affected by the weather.

Spec: W: 18m  D: 6m  H: 6m

Juvenile Rides  Childrens Roundabout

There are many children’s fairground rides, or kids rides available. The Cup & Saucer or tea cups ride is very popular as is the children’s carousel. It always proves popular and the parents can ride with their children. Children’s ride hire is very popular all year round.

Suitable for your corporate fairgroundFun dayFete’s, and Children’s Parties. It is a nice compact size with a quick set up time. The funfair rides can be set up, opened, dismantled and removed from the venue in a single day.

Children’s rides can be complimented with other traditional fairground games and other fairground rides. The juvenile ride will keep parents happy, knowing the children have something to do. Children’s funfair rides are great fun.

Spec: W: 6m  D: 6m  H: 4.5m


Kentucky Derby  Kentucky Derby Hire

Temple Run Arcade is a Smartphone game that has swept the world in a ferocious storm! Though the concept of the game is very simple, it can be very difficult at times. With a few tips and some practice, players can meet and even beat their friends’ high scores. The goal in Temple Run is to collect coins and get away with the priceless idol. Throughout the game. Players are faced with a series of obstacles like tree roots, fire-breathing gargoyles, and breaks in the temple surface.. The trackball in the Temple Run Arcade accurately simulates the Smartphone game “swipe” action.

Spec: W: 86cm  D: 112cm  H: 248cm  Power: 800w  Min’ Door Width: 86cm

Mirror Maze  Mirror Maze

First-of-its-kind coin op Texting game that puts texting skills to the test. In this highly intensive game of fast thumb work, players race against the clock to quickly text words and phrases that appear on the screen. Single Player or as Two Player Competitive Game 2 Game Modes: Arcade and Race the Clock Top 100 Players Leader Board with player photo features for Egomaniacs Stainless steel phone-like keypads Hi res 26″ LCD flat screen monitor.

Spec: W: 12m  D: 6m  H: 6m

Side Stalls   Side Stalls Hire

Hook a Duck : is the only game were you always win something. The number on the bottom of the duck determines the type of prize you win, this varies from a small novelty to a nice cuddly toy. Coconut Shy : the most popular of all our fairground stalls. Each player is given three wooden balls with which to try and dislodge the Coconut targets from the holders. Cork Shoot : Each player is supplied with a cork firing gatt gun. The aim is to knock down the duck or green bottle targets. The winner receives a cuddly toy.Tin Can Alley : The objective of the game is to knock down the tower of tin cans off the shelf with three bean bags. Hoopla : throw the wooden rings over the target blocks, seat the ring flat on the counter and you will be the proud owner of a cuddly toy.Darts game : Sep up to the throwing line to play, you are given 3 darts, your mission is to score under 20 with all three darts seated in the scoring area and there must not be two in a bed.

Spec: W: 3m  D: 3m  H: 3.5m


Trampolines   6 Bed trampolines

The trampoline Trailer hosts six trampolines (1.2 x 1.8) all on one trailer unit with two fold down sides. All sides are fully netted & the surrounding base area is fully padded the safety cage has a safety entry / exit door, and the complete unit takes only ten minutes to set up or break down. The trampolines have a maximum weight limit of 115kg. Constructed from steel the exposed part of the frame work is fully galvanised. We also have available a 6 clock digital timer. This allows the operator to offer single rides at any given time, as opposed to having to wait for 6 at a time.


White Knuckle Rides

Booster Ride Booster Ride

The Booster funfair ride has become an extremely common ride on European funfairs, particular in the UK. This is due to a combination of the ride’s spectacular visual impact, and its highly practical operation. The ride can be transported on only one trailer, and requires just three hours to build upThe ride is primarily a 37 metre arm, connected midway to the main support of the ride. Two sets of two seats are mounted at the end of each arm, back to back. Each four-seat assembly can swing through 360 degrees.

The arm rotates at up to 13 revolutions per minute, producing an acceleration of 3.5g on the riders. Riders should be 52 inches tall or more.

Drop Tower Large Drop Tower

The smash hit arcade classic, officially licensed by Konami, has been transformed by ICE and Raw Thrills into a spectacular “must have” piece for any location. Frogger boasts eye catching graphics on a vivid 42” horizontally mounted LCD panel, vacuum formed marquee, combined with a beaming 2 player podium style control panel. This instantly make’s Frogger, one of the most identifiable and sought after games for children and parents alike. Players release Frogger on a quest to reach the bonus lily pad by pressing the flashing vacuum formed button. Timing and skill are everything, players must watch for passing bugs, floating logs, and swimming turtles if they want Frogger to reach the coveted lily pad.

Reverse Bungee  Reverse Bungee Hire

The Reverse Bungee (or catapult bungee, or Ejecton Seat)

The ride consists of two telescopic gantry towers mounted on a platform, which feed two elastic ropes down to a two person passenger sphere. The sphere is secured to the platform with an electro-magnet as the elastic ropes are stretched. When the electromagnet is turned off, the passenger car is catapulted vertically with a of 3–5, reaching an altitude of between 50 and 80 metres.

Spec: W: 22.5m D: 8m  H: 45m

Rollercoaster  Roller Coaster Hire

The roller coaster was firstpatented on January 20, 1885. A roller coaster consists of a track that rises in designed patterns, sometimes with one or more vertical loops that turn the rider briefly upside down. Some of the Rollercoasters have multiple cars cars hooked together called a train. Wild Mouse roller coasters, run with single cars.

Spec: W: 50m D: 25m H: 11m

Skymaster Sky Master Fairground Ride

Sky Master also known as the “Extreme Force” or “Shuttle” ride consists of a single stationary tower, supporting two 16-passenger gondolas on rotating arms. Passengers are arranged in rows of two, with the first four rows facing in one direction, and the other four facing opposite. During the ride, passengers are swung backwards and forwards to build up momentum, before the gondola performs several inversions. The two gondolas are connected to the motor so that they swing simultaneously; with one arm rotating clockwise while the other rotates counterclockwise

Superstar Superstar Fairground Ride

A rotating ride which causing the seat units to swing out. The main arm Simultaneously raises into its elevated position, at the top the boom then rotates through 360 degrees giving a completely inverted ride.

Spec: W: 12m  D: 12m  H: 9m

Top Buzz  Top Buzz Ride

The roller coaster was firstpatented on January 20, 1885. A roller coaster consists of a track that rises in designed patterns, sometimes with one or more vertical loops that turn the rider briefly upside down. Some of the Rollercoasters have multiple cars cars hooked together called a train. Wild Mouse roller coasters, run with single cars.

Spec: W: 12m D: 12m H: 15m

Top Spin Top Spin Ride

The Topspin fairground ride. If you enjoy a white-knuckle ride, then this is definitely one of the top fairground attractions for you. With Topspin hire, once locked into your seat and sitting comfortably, the ride of your life will begin. TheTopspin funfair ride is not for the feint-hearted.

The Topspin will twist and turn, and literally turn the world upside down. For fear factor, the Topspin is rated 11/10, the screams can be heard for miles around, as no one is sure what is going to happen next, make sure you’re holding on tight. Don’t expect your legs to work properly afterwards either.

The fairground Topspin is a great attraction at any corporate fairground. TheTopspin ride can be complimented by some of our other more gentle fairground gamesHire Topspin for all action fairground rides.


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