F1 Pit Stop Challenge Simulator Hire

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Create the buzz of the Grand Prix will at your event by hiring the ‘Pit stop ChallengeSimulator.

This is a great way to get people to work together. Includes all pit stop equipment and car jacks.

replica Formula 1 car to take pride of place with a support crew and all of the pit stop equipment including car jacks, air guns and compressor, overalls and a digital timing board.

F1 Pit Stop Challenge Simulator Hire

F1 Teams can change all four wheels on an F1 car is just over 2 seconds. The driver stops exactly on the mark. A team of 18 people then work together to jack the car up, undo the wheel nuts, remove the wheels, fit new wheels, tighten the wheel nuts and then lower the car so it can re- join the race. One mistake in the process can cost the driver (and the team) a race win – even if the mistake only costs a few hundredths of a second.

The F1 Pit Stop Challenge offers individuals and teams the chance to race against the clock and each other, to change the wheels on an F1 Car – using the real high-powered airguns that the F1 Teams use.

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