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Use the Driver Training Simulator in a safe, fun and cost effective way, learn how to:

  • Easily save your organisation 15% or more in fuel costs through applied driving techniques.
  • Improve driver awareness and hazard perception.
  • Drive more safely and comfortably and reduce accident downtime
  • Benefit from lower insurance premiums.
  • Benefit from lower maintenance costs.

Driver Training Simulator Hire

Road safety is a major concern in modern society. Increasing driver’s skills and promoting economic driving are fundamental aspects to reduce traffic accidents and the environmental impact of vehicles. With use of a full range of driving controls: steering, clutch, brake and accelerator; manual or automatic gears; plus the ancillary controls such as indicators, lights and horn. The Eco Driving Simulator, lets you drive freely through more than 80 km of totally realistic environments: cities, mountain roads, highways and more.

Through our realistic driving simulator, it is possible to practice with many car models. Each model faithfully recreates all the characteristics of its real-life counterpart and provides a highly realistic experience using the different safety systems, such as ABS, traction and stability control.


The Ultimate Driver Training Simulator software


– The full three part exercise is designed to encourage the adoption of eco driving techniques through understanding of the principles and execution of the necessary skills, ultimately showing the savings and benefits in a comparative results display. However, the system can be effectively utilised as a short taster experience focusing on the basic skills in as little as 3 minutes.

Driver Training Simulator - Driver Training Software

Driver Training Simulator results – At the end of each session, the drivers results are displayed in the form of a summary:

  • Overall skill rating score compared to a default average driver.
  • Average Speed.
  • Average fuel consumption.
  • Total Time.
  • Total Distance covered.

We can run an event as a competition which often helps to focus the delegates attention.
We will provide a supervisor who will be with the simulators throughout the event to explain the objectives, basic controls and advise on techniques that will improve every driver’s fuel economy by up to 20% in everyday driving, as well as improving their hazard perception awareness.


Driver Training Simulator Technical Details:

Space required: 1.5m width x 1.8m depth (per simulator, 4 available)
Power supply: Internal 220-240 volts/1kw dedicated socket per unit. If a generator is supplied at the venue, external power supply must be earth bonded.
Installation time: one hour
Use: indoors only unless waterproof cover is arranged – if required, please contact us for details

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