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FIFA Football penalty Simulator

Fifa Christmas Party – Football Penalty Simulator

PSW Events featured the Football penalty Simulator at the FIFA Christmas Party at the fabulous Kaufleuten Hotel in Zurich.

The Event team were able to build with a tight schedule on to one of the main hall stage areas before inviting FIFA staff and international guests to participate. Among the crowd were FIFA president Gianni Infantino and Marco Van Basten. A very capable number of the participants tried their luck at different kicking styles including the Ribona, the ladies were also keen to show off their skills and with a quick removal of the heels did not disappoint with their penalty attempts.

The planning of the event incorporated a stage extension detailed in conjunction with the PSW CAD design team and the venue Event installation office to allow for a safe workable area to incorporate the Football Simulator footprint. A number of online meetings took place to ensure that the Audio Visual, Staging area and other internal services would fit around the Simulator.

Logistics and Customs clearance were also taken into account at the planning stages and the 1400 mile round trip by our transport department went very smoothly. With inclement conditions being a factor in Switzerland the final load included Snow chains, Shovels and warm weather clothing to offset any challenge.

Fifa Zurich

Upcoming Sporting Event for the Football Penalty Simulator?

If you’re looking for some Sport style entertainment or games machines, a simulator or interactive game could be the way to go. Get in touch with the PSW Events office to see how we can help with the planning of your road show or Fan zone in 2017.

We have a wide variety of Sports Simulators available listed on the site and are also able to develop new forms of Simulation to meet your needs and budget. Why not give us a call to see how we can develop your plan into action and build a successful event.

4 piggy banks in a row

How Much Will Your Office Christmas Party Set You Back?

Chances are you have already hired your golf simulator for your office Christmas party but do you know how much you are spending on the party over all?

In recent research by Eventbrite, organisations were found to have spent around £40 a head per employee, which means that nearly £1 billion is expected to be spent nationally this year. Some three out of four organisations expect to hold Christmas parties this year and nine out of ten seek alternatives to the ‘boring office party’.

The Christmas Party Index, launched last year, aims to look at trends emerging in the industry as employees expect grander and more experiential parties during the season of good cheer.

The total cost per employee depends highly on which part of the country you are in, with 11 per cent of businesses in the capital forking out an average of £100 per employee. This goes as low as £12.36 in Northern Ireland.

How cost per employee breaks down:

  1. Greater London – £56.49
  2. East Midlands – £39.44
  3. Yorkshire – £37.72
  4. South-east – £36.98
  5. North-east – £33.44
  6. South-west – £32.64
  7. North-west – £31.78
  8. Scotland – £31.58
  9. West Midlands – £26.40
  10. East of England – £26.12
  11. Wales – £19.79
  12. Northern Ireland – £12.36

With top costs for parties including venues and food and alcohol, it is worth searching for the best deals ahead of time. If you are looking at booking some kind of games simulator, which we offer, you also need to make sure the venue is suitable for setting up this unusual equipment.

How can you save on tax?

While there is no specific tax allowance available for Christmas parties, there is however the possibility of claiming tax deductible expenses for an annual event, providing certain conditions are met.

Firstly, entertainment needs to be considered and while it is considered a legitimate expense it is not a tax deductible one.

Tax deductible expenses can be claimed against the company for an annual event of a cost up to £150 per employee. However, if it exceeds this cost, even by a penny it is not tax deductible. These costs can include accommodation, transport, and food and drink.

While HMRC insists on referring to the allowance as an annual event, they can be split up over the year as long as the cost threshold isn’t exceeded. To calculate the cost per head, HMRC states that you should divide the total cost of each function by the total number of people who attend (including non-employees such as spouses who may be invited) in order to arrive at the cost per head.

This is an example of an expense that has not risen in line with inflation, and has in fact fallen since 2003 when companies could claim £215 per person.

It is also important to be able to demonstrate that the event is open to all members of the organisation, so don’t forget to invite that facilities manager who has been working hard all year.

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1/6 Workers ‘Dread The Christmas Party’

With Christmas just 33 short days away, businesses all over the UK will be planning their festive parties to show their members of staff how much they appreciate all their hard work done in 2016 – but spare a thought for the one in six people who apparently dread these Christmas parties.

New research from indoor go-karting company TeamSport has found that 19 per cent of employees actively go out of their way to avoid going to these shindigs – with women found to be more likely to lie to get out of going than men, Small Business reports.

The company’s Fiona Taylor was quoted by the news source as saying: “A Christmas party is a time to celebrate and socialise with work colleagues, so perhaps employers need to find alternatives to the traditional celebrations and break away from the norm.”

We think this is an excellent idea so if you have left your festive party to the last minute and want to do something a little different to heading out for a meal at a local restaurant followed by a few drinks, check out what we’ve got on offer here at PSW Events.

Party entertainment hire really is our speciality and we have a huge array of different options available to you. Basically, whatever you can think of, we do it! We have all sorts of different sporting simulators for you to enjoy, as well as fairground rides, event stations, casino hire and even bungee jump hire. Imagine how exciting your Christmas party would be with a bungee jump on offer!

Inspiration For An Amazing Work Christmas Party

If you’ve left it a bit late to book the office Christmas party this year, don’t worry – there are still plenty of great options for corporate entertainment out that there will make sure your event is memorable for all the right reasons.

And we thought we’d offer you some inspiration, in the form of outstanding themes and stunning venues.

One of the most committed efforts for festive celebrations this year has to come from Carlisle, where a two-day Christmas party is being organised in the city. As part of the celebrations, the bandstand will be transformed into Narnia, complete with snow machines, the News & Star reported.

Organisers are also planning live music, a fireside cafe and, of course, plenty of festive food and drink.

Event magazine has also offered some advice about where to host a Christmas party this year, picking out its top three venues in London. They include the National Theatre’s rooftop venue The Deck, which is set to be transformed into a prohibition-era speakeasy; and Apres Ski at Finsbury Park, where you’ll find a ski lodge set in a winter wonderland.

The publication’s third recommendation is Magic Roundabout in Shoreditch, which is known for its street food, craft beers and cocktails.

If you want to make your Christmas party particularly unique and give people something more to do than simply eat and drink, you could also hire some entertainment for the event. Simulators are great fun, or how about a giant Scalextric to bring out a bit of friendly competition?

7 Of The Best UK Venues For Corporate Parties

If you want to put on the party to end all parties to show your appreciation for all your members of staff, why not hunt out a truly unique and memorable event space? Yes, you could just go for a meal out in your local town, but why not push the boat out in 2016 and see just how refreshed and energetic your workforce is come the new year. Here are seven ideas for venues in the UK to help you get started.


  1. Tutbury Castle, Staffordshire

Who wouldn’t want to party in a castle, we ask you? This one allows you to hire out their Great Hall and they can also offer you a big heated marquee if you have lots of people to accommodate. You can also hire out the castle and its grounds for £1,000 a day… steep but totally worth it.


  1. Carnglaze Caverns, Cornwall

What about going deep underground for your next corporate event? They have several options so you can tailor your package as you require, but the Upper Rum Store which has capacity for 150 people might be the best choice.


  1. The Dry Berth, Cutty Sark, London

LONDON, UK - JUNE 25TH 2015: The beautiful Cutty Sark clipper ship in Greenwich, London on 25th June 2015.

Entertaining the masses beneath the hull of a ship has to be up there with one of the best ideas ever. It has capacity for 450 standing or 270 for a seated dinner and you can even put on entertainment like performances by historical interpreters so you can all learn about the history of the ship. At £8,000 a day, it’s not cheap but it certainly sounds as though it’s worth it.


  1. The Monastery, Manchester


Head to Gorton Monastery in Manchester and you’ll be very pleasantly surprised indeed. It might not sound like it would be great space for corporate event, but it’s one of the best places in Manchester to go to. Prices start from £3,500 and up to 450 guests can be accommodated.


  1. The Deep, Hull

Photo of The Deep

This is one of the best aquariums to be found in the UK, in the world in fact, home to 3,500 fish including sharks and rays. It overlooks the Humber estuary and would make the perfect choice for your next event. Whatever it is you’re hosting, what could be better than spending time with your colleagues having a delicious meal and a few drinks, surrounded by creatures of the deep?


  1. The Majestic Hotel, Harrogate

Image result for majestic hotel harrogate

The Majestic has an awful lot of charm and the food is out of this world, no doubt thanks to all the famous chefs that work there! If you and your office are big foodies, this would be a great choice. There’s also a lot to see and do in the local area, so you could make a real day of it.


  1. Alnwick Garden, Alnwick

If you’re looking for a unique restaurant venue, then The Treehouse at Alnwick Garden would be a fantastic choice. There’s a roaring log fire in the middle of the room, as well as handcrafted furniture and even trees growing through the floor!

For corporate event entertainment hire, get in touch with our team here at PSW Events.

Waiter Damages Roman Statue At British Museum Corporate Event!

Deciding where to hold your next corporate event is a hugely important part of the process. You need to pick somewhere appropriate to what it is you’re planning to do, otherwise the whole event could come crashing down around you. You’d also be wise, perhaps, to avoid choosing somewhere that houses lots of valuable and priceless objects, in case an accident happens… as they sometimes do.

Take a look at this article in the Daily Mail for example, which tells the woeful tale of a hapless waiter who accidentally broke the thumb of priceless Roman statue The Townley Venus.

Apparently, one of the catering staff bent beneath the sculpture and bumped into its right hand when they stood up again, knocking the thumb off onto the floor. Luckily, however, the piece sustained no further damage – sure to be a relief to all involved!

“This was an unfortunate incident. The preservation of the collection is of fundamental importance. Our expert conservators have been able to fully restore the object and it has remained on public display,” a spokesman from the British Museum was quoted as saying.

Of course, this will be a very rare occurrence but you’d still be wise to give your choice of venue some serious thought if you want to avoid the stress of having to deal with a situation like this. Imagine the horror! There are countless different venues available to you so it’s just a matter of doing a bit of research before you find the perfect one.

For corporate entertainment hire, give us a call at PSW Events.

24% ‘Are Less Sociable’ During The Winter

Yes, it can be tempting to bunker down and hibernate for the entire autumn and winter but if you choose to stay in all day every day instead of getting out there and seeing the world, you’re sure to come to regret it when spring arrives. Yet it seems that many of you out there haven’t quite come to this realisation as yet.

New research from has found that 24 per cent of us say that we’re definitely less sociable during the winter months, while 46 per cent say they watch more TV and 40 per cent admit they go out less… which certainly seems a shame, especially since there’s always so much going on at this time year.

It might be a bit chilly out there but that’s no reason to stay inside and eat comfort food for days on end. Now’s the time to strike while the iron is hot and really enjoy the festive season. If hearing these stats has made you a bit concerned about your workforce, now’s the time to start giving your corporate parties and events a bit of thought.

The more exciting you can make these, the more likely it is that your members of staff will get up out of their PJs and into their gladrags, ready for a night out or experience day… whatever you’ve got in mind.

If you need help with the organising, call us here at PSW Events to see what we can arrange for you. We have an incredible array of different entertainment options available to you, whether you’re interested in flight simulator hire or a giant Scalextric. Give us a call today.


3 Events In 2016 To Take Inspiration From Today

Event planning can be tricky, especially if you’re new to the job, but having a look to see what other people are doing and how they go about organising their various shindigs is always a good idea. Here are three events still to come this year that could prove highly inspirational for you and your team.

Bonfire celebrations in Lewes

Every November 5th, Lewes puts on the world’s biggest bonfire celebration, complete with Morris men, drummers, marching bands and torch-lit processions. Fancy dress is actively encouraged, with pipes, pirates and more popping up each year to accompany the bonfire effigies. There are actually six different processions put on across the town, as well as floats and tar barrel rolling, with each one ending in a bonfire and fireworks display. Imagine the organising that must go into it each year!

Leicester’s Festival of Lights

The Diwali celebrations in Leicester are actually renowned around the world, with new additions for this year including a Diwali Village and an aerial firework display. There’s also going to be a 110ft Ferris wheel, which will be up between October 14th and November 6th, with the Diwali Lights Switch On already having taken place on October 16th.

The Dickensian Festival, Grassington

For three Saturdays leading up to Christmas, the streets of Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales are given a very Victorian makeover for the Dickensian Festival. All the shopkeepers and stall holders dress up in costumes and there are plenty of dancers, musicians and street entertainers to keep the crowds happy.

Do you want to hire entertainment for events? Call us at PSW Events today.

Fedex Fan Zone Europa Final – Basel

PSW Events Ltd in the Munsterplatz Fan Zone Basel with the bespoke Software adaptation target shoot for Fedex operation for the Europa League Final

Basel fedex Simulator

Basel Europa League Final

Bespoke Football Simulator Software

Bespoke Football Simulator Software