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Bungee jump hire :After signing an indemnity form you will receive a safety briefing and basic training session from the site officer. The site officer will then weigh you and designate you in a particular weight category, after which you will be harnessed and your weight will then be checked again by another member of staff prior to you being escorted to the Jump Master. Following a further check you will then be attached to the Bungee rope by a ground operative. This will again be checked by the Jump Master.

The jump station will ascend to the designated jump height and will be secured in position. During the ascent to jump height the Jump Master will instruct you upon the final pre-jump procedure. After being dispatched from the Jump Station and having successfully completed your Bungee Jump, you will be retrieved by two Ground operatives and placed onto the landing mat, after which you will be experiencing the sensation of Post Bungee Euphoria, which affects people in many different ways, i.e. uncontrollable laughter, the odd tear or it has been known for a swear word or two to be uttered. Finally, once you have been un harnessed, you will be directed to the registrar in order to be presented with your official Bungee certificate, which has been well earned!

Bungee Jump Hire

What Is The Jump Height And How Many Can Jump Per Day?
Typically we jump from heights in excess of 43 meters and can maintain jumpof ratio of around 15 per hour and in the past have jumped over 90 jumpers on one day at a single site.

Are There Any Jumper Restrictions?
YES. Participants must be over 14 years of age and in good health. Jumpersover 50 require a doctor’s certificate and everyone must sign a declaration of sound health and indemnity, to be endorsed by a parent or guardian if thejumper is under 17. There are some medical restrictions and these will be clearly displayed on the application forms.

People with mental or physical disabilities may also be able to take the plunge. We have jumped paraplegics and the blind, for which the experience gives a special satisfaction.

Who Jumps And Why? 
Bungee jumping is a great leveller and anyone, not only the young and the brave can take part.

Although the jump itself takes only a few seconds the memory will last a lifetime. All or proud jumpers are presented with a certificate to prove they did it.

Are There Any Strong Forces On The Jumper? 
NO. We use military shock cord which absorbs the g-forces involved gradually so that the jumper is slowed at a steady rate, giving a smooth and thrilling bounce.

Bungee Jump space requirements: 20M (65ft) x 20M (65ft). 

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