Brand Activation

Brand Activation

PSW Events Ltd offer a variety of brand activation opportunities on equipment across the site, giving a unique opportunity to extend your message to the wider audience at Conferences, Road shows and Exhibitions. Live experiential marketing events are used by global brands to help position the brand into the consumers’ minds by attracting and emotionally engaging them in a personal experience.

Effective branding elevates a product or organisation from being just one commodity amongst many identical commodities to become something with a unique character and promise. Activations, often inclusive and interactive, ignite the fire that will light the way for people to find your product and align with your purpose.

Case Study above – PSW Events were commissioned by Sky Sci Fi Channel to implement one of our popular sci fi films on the Motion Simulator with their branding both in the film and on the Capsule, so as to engage the general public on a city wide event in Manchester.

The equipment and Staff at PSW Events are well suited to creating a lasting experience or offering a competitive environment to build brand awareness and engage your potential customers. Our team has been involved in running and delivering successful road show and event strategies working with organisations of all sizes for over three decades worldwide.

Why not give us a call to see how we can help best put across your message and engage your potential market.

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