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With our Boxing Simulator Hire, you can have a machine at your event featuring a hanging speed bag or pad that is released when the player presses the start button. To play the game, the puncher simply has to punch the mechanism as hard as they can. When punched, the bag is knocked back up into its tucked-away position, and the force of the punch that put it there is recorded and displayed as an electronic score. The key to performing well at the boxing punch game is learning how to throw a strong punch.

Case Study: Sky Sports Studios Thierry Henry and Jamie Redknapp

The Boxing Simulator machine requires a large portion of technique, not just strength to achieve the overall High score and become the champion. A sure crowd puller and highly addictive machine will ensure success your event or promotion.

Boxing Simulator Hire

Due to the Boxing machines compact size it will suit almost any venue and suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

Boxing Simulator Hire Technical Details:

Where located indoors footprint is 1.3m D x 0.7m W x 2.2m H
Outside, our inflatable Cube marquees can be provided Dimensions 6m Wide x 7m Deep x 3.6m High.
Power supply : 220-240 volts, 200w. Generator Power to be earth bonded.
Installation time : 2 hrs
Capacity : 1 or 2 players in one game,
Max +/- 30 players/hour

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