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How To Get Your Christmas Parties Right This Year

With the festive season just around the corner (32 days and counting until December 25th), now’s the time to start planning your corporate Christmas parties so you can ensure everyone has a great time and there are only hangovers to regret the next day. Here are a few tips to help you get it right from the outset.

Plan early

Set a date for your party as soon as you can and make sure your entire company knows about it. Sound people out about venue ideas and what they’d like to do so you can please as many people as possible.

Manage your budget

Work out capacity, what you’re willing to pay for, whether you’re going to have a free bar and if you’re going to have any entertainment, and take it from there. Try to keep a bit set aside for any emergencies as well.

Research entertainment

These days, you have a lot at your disposal where Christmas party entertainment is concerned. What about something a little different like a boxing simulator or competitive racing games to keep people entertained and really looking forward to the event.

Food and drink

Try to budget so that there’s at least one free drink for everyone. Your budget will dictate just what kind of food you can provide, whether it’s a buffet or if you’re happy to shell out for a three-course dinner at a restaurant for your entire company.

Have an inclusive guest list

You might have lots of temporary workers in your office so unless you’re going to invite them all, don’t shout about the party at any given opportunity. You might end up hurting a few feelings otherwise.