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We have a huge range of arcade machines and Simulators available on a daily or long term hire rate, which will generate a fun gaming zone at your event. Hire our Namco, Sega, Taito, Atari, Konami, & Nintendo simulators and arcade machine packages to create your own amusement arcade. Hire arcade games to promote events and products at an exhibition, raise brand awareness with company logos and product images on our Arcade games machines and Simulators. If you have a themed event you can hire simulators and arcade machines to complement, we have Star Wars racing, James Bond shooting and driving, Abba dancing and Retro games for a Space or 80’s themed party. We can offer discounted package deal rates when you hire simulators and arcade machines in multiples. Create a bespoke event by a mix and match of our product range offering an entertainment bundle to wow your guests.

Hire Combat Arcade Machines

Alien Extermination


Its been years since the Colonial Marines left planet LV-426 and the Alien population behind. Its time to go back to finish off the Alien monsters…and more! Bring the movie franchise into your home game room with the Aliens Extermination Arcade Game ! Enter a world that is at once familiar and dangerously alien ! Since the Marines last visit, the Wheland Yutan Corporation reprogrammed an army of synthetic humans to stop anything that could hinder the development of their deadly Bio Weapons. Revisit original licensed characters such as the face hugger aliens, warrior aliens and alien eggs in this fantastic Arcade Machine for hire.
Spec: W: 105cm  D: 210cm  H: 195cm  Power: 500w  Min’ Door Width: 102cm

Beach Head 2000

Beach Head 2000

Beach Head 2002 Arcade rental, once again puts players in the position of a lone soldier, now charged with defending a vital inland command post against an imminent airborne assault. With the beach invasion repulsed, players are sent to the rear for some well-deserved R&R. The enemy, however, has other plans. Mighty annoyed at having their invasion scuttled, they are determined to launch an all-out airborne assault in the rear. The rear echelon reward turns into a nightmare as the enemy begins an all-out assault on with wave after wave of paratroopers, infantry, tanks, armored cars, helicopters and gun-ships converging on the battlefield. Adding to the madness is the re-introduction of the player’s former drill sergeant, whose exclusive assignment is to “inspire” and “motivate” players once again. Hire Beach Head 2000 for your war themed event!
Spec: W: 105cm  D: 210cm  H: 195cm  Power: 1500w  Min’ Door Width: 105cm

Crisis Zone

Crisis Zone

Suppress a rogue terrorist group that has seized Garland Square outside of London. Players can choose their route from the beginning of the game between three stages. Once the player has completed a stage they will then advance into one of the other three zones and once all stages are complete they will advance to a special stage engaging the final boss. Fantastic shooting Arcade machine for rental.

Spec: W: 86cm D: 107cm H: 197cm Power: 500w Min’ Door Width: 86cm

House of the Dead 4

House of the Dead

House of the Dead 4 Arcade machine for hire elevates the House of the Dead legacy. Players can now navigate through 6 stages with player-selected routes, shoot a newly modified version of a sub-machine gun with a reload technique, throw a hand grenade by pressing a button on the gun, or fight with hand-to-hand combat and wiggle yourself free by shaking your weapon. This amazingly morbid game comes in three cabinet configurations: a 62″ High-def Super Deluxe Monitor with huge crowd appeal, 52″ HD Deluxe, and a 29″ HD Standard. There are also two violence settings (mild and extreme).
Spec: W: 80cm D: 150cm H: 197cm Power: 800w Min’ Door Width: 80cm

Konami Coopers 9

Coopers 9

Great shooting game with a comic twist. Eight levels for players to blast through. Carlos Cooper, head of an international assassination organisation, has to deal with two wayward former employees. Fantastic Secret agent Bond Style shooting Arcade machine game to hire for your 007 event.
Spec: W: 120cm D: 300cm H: 230cm Power: 1kw  Min’ Door Width: 144cm

Last Bounty Hunter

Last Bounty Hunter

An interactive Arcade shooting game that takes place in the Old West. You play a bounty hunter who goes after the territory’s four most wanted outlaws: Handsome Harry, Nasty Dan, El Loco, and The Cactus Kid, along with their respective gangs. Bring them in, dead or alive, but the rewards are greater if they are captured alive.
Spec: W: 73cm D: 180cm H: 190cm Power: 500w Min’ Door Width: 73cm

Lethal Enforcers 3

Lethal Enforcers 3

Players race each other using the Konami Dead Heat Arcade machine System. Players run through the levels and only stop when they raise their shield (aim the gun off screen), but they must not stop for too long or their colleague will take the lead. The player who makes it to the end of the level first wins promotion and gets to decide on the next mission. The loser must follow orders. Players can choose from 6 realistic scenarios, allowing them to simulate various roles of law enforcement. This machine features the new Konami high powered recoil gun with a REALISTIC FIRING ACTION! The stage unit contains high powered bass speakers that vibrate when players shoot, giving a more realistic experience.
Spec: W: 155cm  D: 188cm  H: 260cm  Power: 1kw  Min’ Door Width: 89cm

Ninja Assault

Ninja Assault

Set to the backdrop of Feudal Japan, three heroic ninjas must fight off hundreds of powerful demons in order to save the Princess Koto from being sacrificed in a ritual to resurrect the evil Shogun Kigai.

Spec: W: 79cm  D: 90cm  H: 178cm  Power: 500w  Min’ Door Width: 82cm

Point Blank

Point Blank

An Arcade shooting game for hire from Namco that features several different levels, including one where you have to destroy a Chevy Camaro.
Spec: W: 91cm  D: 92cm  H: 180cm  Power: 500w  Min’ Door Width: 91cm

Police Trainer

Police Trainer

A target shooting game where you train to become a police officer.   Pass each stage to advance in rank.
Spec: W: 91cm  D: 92cm  H: 180cm  Power: 500w  Min’ Door Width: 91cm

Quick and Crash

Quick and Crash

“Quick & Crash” is a novelty shooting gallery that tests player accuracy and reflexes to the limit. It’s a throwback to the mechanical shooting games of the past with a few futuristic twists. The game keeps detailed records so players can see how they rank against the previous players and continue to track their current ranking. Two targets will appear in a random location and move side-to-side. Once these targets are hit, a ceramic cup target will appear. If the player successfully hits the cup, it explodes into pieces only to reappear the next time the game is played. This touch of visual “magic” is a true crowd pleaser from our Arcade Machines hire range.
Spec: W: 75cm  D: 245cm  H: 205cm  Power: 500w  Min’ Door Width: 75cm

Sea Wolf the Return


The Sea Wolf concept is very simple and very addicting. Players launch torpedoes from their video command center and have 5 different spots on the screen to launch them from. Players then try to hit the ships that pass by on the screen and sink them – its that simple Sea Wolf Upright uses 3D modeling to produce realistic looking ships with full animation. The fire, explosions and torpedo action are all enhanced with awesome digital stereo sound and a sub-woofer located in seat.

Spec: W: 84cm  D: 190cm  H: 170cm  Power: 500w  Min’ Door Width: 75cm

Sega Afterburner Deluxe

Sega After Burner

Afterburner Climax™ is the jet-fuelled sequel to Sega’s 1980’s hit Afterburner™. Now coupled with Sega’s powerful Lindbergh hardware platform, it gives greater depths of plays and photo realistic graphics. Afterburner Climax™ features the top fighter planes of the modern age, including the F-14D Super Tomcat, F-15E Strike Eagle and F/A-18E Super Hornet. Afterburner Climax™ features over 20 stages, including Extra and Secret ones. Players will be subjected to Critical Commands throughout the stages to test their skills.

Spec: W: 117cm  D: 180cm  H: 200cm  Power: 1kw  Min’ Door Width: 117cm

Sega Ghost Squad

Sega Ghost Squad

GHOST (Globao Humanitarian Operation and Special Tactics) Squad has nothing to do with Ghost,s but everything to do with beating terrorism on the world stage,saving world leaders and rescuing hostages. It could not be more real or topical. Players work together as one of the Special Forces team and can choose one of three missions.
Spec: W: 130cm  D: 280cm  H: 230cm  Power: 800w  Min’ Door Width: 90cm

Sega Too Spicy

Sega Too Spicy

Who is the strongest? New Style Head to Head Gun Shooting Game. The time is early 21st Century:The underworld is in turmoil after the death of the Big Boss. Agents have come out fighting for the territory that he has left behind. Gun battles and mysteries will cut them down one by one. Grasp the Gun…Grasp its World! The Last One Standing Takes All! This is not like any previous gun game-this is NOT Co Operative! This is Head to Head, your aim is take out your opponent only the toughest can survive.

Showdown Wild West Shootout

Showdown Wild West

A wild west shootout game with moving targets. Using a laser fire hand gun shoot the target as quickly as possible. The targets then move to reveal a new set so the action just keeps on going. Fun for adults and children alike.
Spec: W: 110cm  D: 240cm  H: 220cm  Power: 500w  Min’ Door Width: 110cm

Silent Scope

Silent Scope

The game has three modes of play: Target Practice, Time Attack and Story. Target Practice lets you practice your sniper skills; Time Attack challenges you to clear several stages with a fast time and a high accuracy rating; Story mode has a variety of intense missions. You will pick-off terrorists while perched atop a skyscraper, take down a thug who is carrying a hostage down a football field, hit moving targets while speeding down the highway, and even don a pair of night-vision goggles as you are dropped by parachute into an enemy compound. Each mission has a tough boss enemy that requires a great deal of skill to take down. Your life meter will go down each time you are hit or accidentally kill an innocent by-stander. You can restore lost health by being a voyeur and sighting “interesting” side events.
Spec: W: 150cm  D: 150cm  H: 176cm  Power: 800w Min’ Door Width: 80cm

Terminator Salvation

Silent Scope

Terminator Salvation is adorned with glowing neon rifle holders and a replica T-600 (with glowing red eyes) marquee topper. The game puts players right on the firing line as droves of T-600 robots attempt to thwart their resistance. Heavy-duty recoiling rifles, featuring a new ‘clip’ action reload feature, adds a depth of realism unparalleled in any arcade shooter. Players can add to their arsenal of weapons by securing a number of different and powerful devices to aid them in battling a variety of menacing combatants throughout the game.

Spec: W: 110cm  D: 158cm  H: 195cm  Power: 500w Min’ Door Width: 102cm

Time Crisis 4

Time Crisis 4

Time Crisis 4 features System Super 256 cinematic battle sequences, cut-scene and real-time graphics, independent speakers for voice and sound and an improved easy-grip controller for quick, responsive gun play. TC4 features an immersive, voice navigation system, which allows in-game characters to talk directly to the player and submerging them deep in a compelling storyline with advice on tactical response and weapon selection. There’s also an arsenal of new weapons ranging from pistol to rifle to machine gun to devastating bio weapon ‘The Terror Bite’.
Spec: W: 160cm  D: 160cm  H: 220cm  Power: 800w Min’ Door Width: 90cm

Virtua Cop 3

Virtua Cop 3

Another great shoot em up game from Sega This is the first game to feature the new ES mode (exceeding Sense) mode. When the E S mode is engaged everything will occur in slow motion, giving the player more time to deal with the situation.
Spec: W: 78cm  D: 180cm  H: 180cm  Power: 800w Min’ Door Width: 78cm

Hire Driving Arcade Machines

Arctic Thunder

Arctic Thunder

Pick from six snowmobile riders and six tracks to race on. During the race the player can pick up power-ups, ranging from boosts to atomic snowballs. Game Play: During the race, pick up power-ups to use against your opponents. The tracks have many shortcuts and free falls, just like in Hydro Thunder. Hire two Arctic Thunders and link them for head-to-head play.
Spec: W: 89cm D: 263cm H: 180cm  Power: 1kw  Min’ Door Width: 77cm Format Single or Twin

Hydro Thunder

Hydro Thunder

Hydro Thunder and its water-based racing throw a much needed curveball at the sometimes bland arcade racing genre. The game’s real life physics, gorgeous graphics and extensive track list make this one a must for racing fans.

Spec: W: 77cm D: 170cm H: 183cm  Power: 500w  Min’ Door Width: 77cm Format Single or Twin

Konami Club GTI

GTI Club

This game is unique and appeals equally to male and female players. The party games were very popular with the female players, in particular the La Tomatina, where players race around the streets shooting tomatoes at each other! The traditional race modes are perfect for the male players and differ from other games on the market, allowing players to find short cuts around the streets of the various cities that they are racing through. You can also play football from the cars or the hugely popular “pass the bomb” game.
Spec: W: 200cm  D: 165cm  H: 180cm  Power: 1000w  Min’ Door Width: 90cm Format Single or Twin

Manx TT

Manx TT Racing

The Manx Tourist Trophy (TT), the most exiting motorcycle races held on the Isle of Man, has a long history of over 88 years. This racing simulator represents the long tradition of these races. In Manx TT Twin, you will drive your machine at breathtaking speeds of over 200 Kilometers per hour.
Spec: W: 240cm D: 210cm H: 157cm Power: 1000w Min’ Door Width: 85cm Format Twin

Namco Nirin Superbike


In Nirin, Bandai Namco Games’ new high-octane thriller, motor bike riders must battle through five adrenalin-soaked tracks in the eerie dead of night. Using ultra-high resolution graphics through a System ES1, even for hardened gamers Nirin delivers a seat-of-your-pants, white knuckle ride. Through a series of public roads including the snow-peaked Higashiyama resort to the heart of Metropolitan City, players can choose from five uniquely tuned bikes from Cruiser to Super Motaro. Fully linkable with up to four units and played out on an impressive 42-inch hi-res screen, Nirin’s boost function lets players experience the outer limits of acceleration.
Spec: W: 240cm D: 200cm H: 220cm Power: 1.6kw Min’ Door Width: 85cm Format Twin

Offroad Thunder

Offroad Thunder

Players battle the elements and each other in a race that takes them across 6 rugged courses including the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas and Pikes Peak. Players can super charge their trucks in the speed shop. Independent suspension and power-slides make interaction between truck and environment amazingly realistic. The course terrain includes snow, water, asphalt, dirt, sand, rocks and mud.
Spec: W: 76cm D: 163cm H: 188cm  Power: 500w  Min’ Door Width: 76cm Format Single or Twin

Re Volt

Re Volt Racing

Re-Volt is all about fast paced arcade racing, utilising full motion seats. The most realistic handling and some of the most intelligent opponents ever. Not only that, but all this action-packed, state-of-the-art racing takes place over some of the most unusual courses ever seen in a racing game. Motoring around museums, speeding through supermarkets and tearing around toy shops are all possible in the world of Re-Volt. Two can be linked for head-to-head racing.

Spec: W:120cm D: 210cm H: 220cm Power: 1kw Min’ Door Width: 80cm Format Single or Twin

Route 66

Route 66 Arcade Driving

Players choose one of several trucks, each rated in speed, handling etc. They then race from point to point across the country, hauling cargo (more difficult cargo will increase your pay for that leg of the journey) while avoiding innocent traffic (blare the horn to get drivers out of your way) and trying to outrun a reckless computer opponent (or player two in linked matches). Good performances are rewarded with bonus stages that require players to maneuver the truck in tight alleyways and park the truck in a limited amount of time.
Spec: W:78cm D: 160cm H: 153cm Power: 500w Min’ Door Width: 78cm

Sega Daytona USA

Daytona USA Arcade Racing

A classic Sega driving game for hire. Feel the speed of Daytona USA, as you rocket around the tracks at speeds of up to 300KPH, this is a hyper-speed real time 3D simulation. Daytona USA features four Virtual Reality buttons, that enable you to view your car from different perspectives.
Spec: W: 163cm  D: 150cm  H: 152cm  Power: 800w  Min’ Door Width: 82cm Format Twin to 6 Play

Sega Ferrari 355

Sega Ferrari F355

Sega have implemented actual driving data, such as G-Force and car handling, with the assistance of professional drivers to make this game. Add to this some very demanding physics and sophisticated images, and you could almost believe you were driving the pride of Italy. The graphics, of course, are great. The control, while exacting, is precise. All in all, if you’re the biggest Ferrari fan in the world and lack the funds to buy the real car, go ahead and rent this driving game. You can link up to 8 drivers. This is not just a game for hire, this is a driving simulator for hire.
Spec: W: 163cm  D: 150cm  H: 152cm  Power: 800w  Min’ Door Width: 82cm Format Twin – 4 play

Sega Grid Racing

Sega Grid Racing Arcade

Get on the GRID and get ready for the race of your life. Drive some of the worlds most legendary, most desirable and fastest cars such as the Pagani Zonda, the Bugatti Veyron and the Aston Martin DBR9. And what better place to race these iconic cars than on some of the worlds most famous tracks. Have you got what it takes to take on the likes of Donington Park, Spa Francorchamps or Okutama? Do you have the nerve to race on the narrow streets of San Francisco, Milan or Detroit? GRID, it’s all about the race!

Sega Race TV

Sega race TV Arcade Racing

The latest Sega driving game for hire. This all-American style game has all the elements of a classic driver plus a garage full of exciting additional extras under the hood! Tuned to perfection with famous licensed cars from “pulse quickening” genres like “Hotrod”, “Muscle”, “Exotic” and “Sports” – watching a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray taking some SEGA RACE TV track punishment is truly a sight to behold! Five dynamic landscapes supply the perfect backdrops for all the flashy special effects, thrills, spills and crashes that take place by both, day and night. The special BOOST speed element to the game will become the new standard in driver game play and once players experience “BOOST” they will never go back!
Spec: W: 155cm  D: 155cm  H: 210cm  Power: 800w  Min’ Door Width: 82cm

Sega Rally 2

Sega Rally 2 Hire

Race your car around the tracks and earn extra time by reaching checkpoints. There are two modes: Practice and Championship. In Practice mode, you race against one or more cars by selecting one of four tracks and racing a number of laps. In Championship mode you race an equal number of laps per course and each successive track becomes more difficult. You compete against 14 other cars that are either computer or player controlled. There is also a View Change button that lets the player choose between two different driving perspectives: behind the car and inside the car. The tracks are as follows: Desert (easy), Mountain (medium), Snow (expert), and Riviera (Final). This is probably the best Sega driving game to hire for any event.
Spec: W: 163cm  D: 150cm  H: 152cm  Power: 800w  Min’ Door Width: 82cm Format Twin – 4 play

Sega Rally 3

Sega Rally 3 Hire

SEGA RALLY 3 TWIN – THE CLASSIC RETURNS! It’s been a long time coming, but 13 years after the original debut SEGA RALLY twin has returned! In what some might call the holy grail of racing games, SEGA RALLY 3 twin builds on one of Sega’s most successful franchises and takes it to the next level! SEGA RALLY 3’s sleek new twin cabinet was specifically engineered for this game and whilst featuring the latest 32” HD LCD monitors it pays homage to previous cabinets with red roll cage bars and cool white mouldings.

Sega Storm Racer


Storm Racer takes arcade racing to a new level with a super fast driving experience like no other! Storm Racer will have players coming back again and again to master the 12 cars and 14 tracks available in the game! Storm Racer is also linkable up to 4 players for the ultimate arcade racing competition!

Sega Storm Rider


Experience super fast motorbike racing like never before. Choose from 10 bikes and then take on Storm Riders 11 tracks based in 3 major location; Harbour, Forest and the Old Flight Facility. Step on to Storm Rider and unleash the speed! Fitted with 42 in LCD monitors now linkable up to 4 players
Spec: W: 210cm  D: 173cm  H: 230cm  Power: 1000w  Min’ Door Width: 105cm

Hire Fantasy Arcade Machines

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump Arcade

Doodle Jump is one of the highest ranking apps on iTunes since its release with over 15 million downloads. ICE have transformed this global smash hit into an amazing video redemption game that will bring kids and parents together to see who can guide the Doodler to the super bonus! The aim of Doodle Jump is to guide the Doodler to jump left and right on to the platforms and get him as high as possible. Players can get a short boost from various objects, such as propeller hats and jet packs. There are also aliens and monsters that the Doodler must avoid! Players must reach the top to be in with a chance of winning the super bonus..
Spec: W: 82cm  D: 130cm  H: 275cm  Power: 800w  Min’ Door Width: 82cm

Konami Dance Stage Fusion

Dance Stage Fusion Hire

One of our most popular Dance games for hire. Features hits from well-known artists, with a very large selection of tracks for players to choose from to determine their dance routine. The game boasts advanced 3D graphics, allowing players to dance to real pop artists. Features include the freeze zone, where players try to keep their feet on the arrows for longer and perfect step which boosts their combos. This game supersedes Euromix and Dance Dance Revolution games.
Spec: W: 180cm D: 210cm H: 230cm Power: 1000w Min’ Door Width: 75cm

Magical Truck Adventure

Magical Truck Adventure Hire

Push off in a mining cart, on an incredible journey to find the key to space-time travel, which has been stolen by two villains. This two player game will have you working up a sweat, as you pump the levers of the cart, and press the floor pedal to travel on two wheels, or when both players press their floor pedals together the cart can run over obstacles.

Spec: W: 116cm D: 260cm  H: 196cm  Power: 1kw  Min’ Door Width: 116cm

Sega Dream Raiders

Sega Dream Raiders Simulator

Dive into a dream world of adventures! Climb on board this beautifully modelled dream machine and be transported to a new level of excitement. Choose your dream ride and raid as many treasures as you can whilst fending off attacks by strange and incredible enemies with your Dream Blasters. Successfully complete your raid and be carried off into new realms in thrilling bonus stages. Nine unique dream experiences await you in this fantastic new deluxe game from Sega. Ride a dragon, pilot a UFO, get on horseback or put on your super suits and head for the skies! Dream Raiders features an exciting mix of exhilarating experiences that everyone will enjoy. The combination of intense motion, wind, sound and visuals combine to give players everything they ever dreamed of !

Spec: W: 160cm D: 205cm H: 220cm Power: 1.5kw Min’ Door Width: 160cm

Sega Giant Tetris

Sega Giant Tetris

The new Giant Tetris Game is a fantastic twist on one of the most love arcade games ever. With the unbelievable oversized controllers at two different heights and incorporating “forced feedback” can there be any better way of playing this classic game. Single player or dual “Co operative play mode” enhance the game even further.

Spec: W: 140cm  D: 170cm  H: 220cm  Power: 800w  Min’ Door Width: 90cm

Star Blitz

Star Blitz Hire

The colourful and attractive cabinet graphics of Star Blitz will entice your guests to “Strike a Pose” with every visit and that’s just the start of the fun! With 3 different “Pose Modes” and countless ways to edit, customize and accessorize their pictures, your players will enjoy an almost limitless number of ways to create memories! Using the 17″ LCD Touch screen and the custom stylus, players can add frames, hilarious graffiti, and their own hand written message creating a truly one-of-a-kind photo entertainment experience! When they’re done, they can instantly download their picture to their mobile phone or PDA via the built-in Bluetooth transmitter!

Spec: W: 60cm  D: 130cm  H: 220cm  Power: 500w  Min’ Door Width: 60cm


Temple Run

Temple Run Arcade Machine Hire

Temple Run Arcade is a Smartphone game that has swept the world in a ferocious storm! Though the concept of the game is very simple, it can be very difficult at times. With a few tips and some practice, players can meet and even beat their friends’ high scores. The goal in Temple Run is to collect coins and get away with the priceless idol. Throughout the game. Players are faced with a series of obstacles like tree roots, fire-breathing gargoyles, and breaks in the temple surface.. The trackball in the Temple Run Arcade accurately simulates the Smartphone game “swipe” action.

Spec: W: 86cm  D: 112cm  H: 248cm  Power: 800w  Min’ Door Width: 86cm


Textminator Hire

First-of-its-kind coin op Texting game that puts texting skills to the test. In this highly intensive game of fast thumb work, players race against the clock to quickly text words and phrases that appear on the screen. Single Player or as Two Player Competitive Game 2 Game Modes: Arcade and Race the Clock Top 100 Players Leader Board with player photo features for Egomaniacs Stainless steel phone-like keypads Hi res 26″ LCD flat screen monitor.

Spec: W: 76cm  D: 84cm  H: 200cm  Power: 500w  Min’ Door Width: 76cm


Hire Kids Zone Arcade Machines

Buster Bubbles

Buster Bubbles Arcade Hire

The game features 3-D animated, interactive squirrel ‘Buster Bubbles’ holding a 19-inch touchscreen monitor. The object of the game is to ‘pop’ as many bubbles on the touchscreen as possible in an allotted time. The faster players pop, the more points they score. This physically interactive game also features nine power-ups such as bubble freeze, double bubble value and millions of bubbles, which can be accessed in regular game play by bursting bubbles carrying those values.
Spec: W: 82cm  D: 84cm  H: 194cm  Power: 800w  Min’ Door Width: 82cm


Frogger Arcade Machine Hire

The smash hit arcade classic, officially licensed by Konami, has been transformed by ICE and Raw Thrills into a spectacular “must have” piece for any location. Frogger boasts eye catching graphics on a vivid 42” horizontally mounted LCD panel, vacuum formed marquee, combined with a beaming 2 player podium style control panel. This instantly make’s Frogger, one of the most identifiable and sought after games for children and parents alike. Players release Frogger on a quest to reach the bonus lily pad by pressing the flashing vacuum formed button. Timing and skill are everything, players must watch for passing bugs, floating logs, and swimming turtles if they want Frogger to reach the coveted lily pad.
Spec: W: 107cm D: 115cm H: 240cm Power: 500w Min’ Door Width: 107cm

Hopping Road

Hopping Road Arcade machine

Ever want to see the world from a Pogo Stick? Well, now you can on Hopping Road! Hopping Road is the first of a kind 2 Player Pogo Stick Video Game. Player’s hop along as they try to reach the finish line without bouncing off. A fun ticket redemption game for kids of all ages !

Spec: W: 175 D: 140 H: 196  Power: 800w  Min’ Door Width: 140cm

House of Mirrors

House of Mirrors Whacky Mirrors

Roll up, roll up! Another fairground favourite has been brought to life for the arcades! House of Mirrors brings all the fun of those crazy mirrors to your amusement location as well as giving players a fabulous print out of their whacky face to take home with them !

Spec: W: 66cm D: 196cm H: 210cm Power: 500w Min’ Door Width: 66cm

Kiddieland Jet Ski

Kiddieland JetSki Juvenile Ride

An interactive ride and game. This beautifully styled water Jetski kiddie gives a motion ride and is also an interactive game.

Spec: W: 120cm  D: 240cm  H: 150cm  Power: 1000w  Min’ Door Width: 120cm

Little Speedy

Little Speedy Kids Lights Game

Little Speedy tests little ones’ speed and hand-eye coordination on a bright and colourful play field. Players attempt to turn off lit buttons to earn points.


Hire Retro Arcade Machines

Cocktail Cabinet

Space Invaders Hire

Full Games List:
Atari: Centipede, Dig Dug, Millipede, Super Breakout, Xevious.
Capcom: 1942, 1943, 1943 Kai, Gun. Smoke.
Centuri: Pleiads, Phoenix, Time Pilot.
Konami: Amidar, Gyruss, Video Hustler, Juno First, Super Cobra, Scramble, Shao-Lin’s Road.
Kural Samno / Karateco: Crush Roller, Van-Van Car.
Midway: BurgerTime, Pac-Man, Pac-Man (Fast Mode), Ms Pac-Man, Ms Pac-Man (Fast Mode), Jr. Pac-Man, Jr. Pac-Man (fast Mode), Pac-Man Plus, Pac-Man Plus (Fast Mode), Space Invaders, Super Pac-Man.
Namco: Dig Dug 2, Galaxian, Galaga, Galaga (Fast Fire Mode), Galaga 3, King and Balloon, Mappy, New Rally-X, Tank Battalion.
Nintendo: Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Donkey Kong 3.
Sega: Congo Bongo, Frogger, Moon Cresta, Pengo, Zaxxon.
Stern: Pooyan, The End.
Taito: Arkanoid, Qix.
Tehkan: Bomb Jack, Pinball Action.
Universal: Jumping Jack, Ladybug, Mr. Do!, Mr. Do’s Castle, Space Panic.

Spec: W: 60cm  D: 90cm  H: 74cm  Power: 500w  Min’ Door Width: 60cm

Ultracade Upright


Welcome to your own personal arcade room. The 80s and early 90s are known as thethe Golden Age of Arcade Games for that eras outstanding output of fun, creative, and addictive video games. The Arcade Legends Upright Multi-Game Video Arcade Game Machine collects some of the greatest that the Golden Age had to offer and puts them in a single unit.
Spec: W: 68cm D: 88cm H: 175cm Power: 500w Min’ Door Width: 68cm

Pinball Machines

Pinball Machines for Hire

This is it!! The one we’ve been waiting for. An Elvis theme pinball to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the beginning of Elvis Presley’s career. This machine boasts seven Elvis hit songs and a play field with features that include, Elvis dancing, jail doors that open and close and a hound dog flying up and down a pole. Packed with so many features, The Elvis Pinball is the most musical pinball ever created and is sure to become the King of Pinball machines.

Others include: X Files, Terminator 3, Star ship Troopers, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lethal Weapon 3, Johnny Mnemonic, Golden eye and Batman.

Spec: W: 72cm D: 140cm H: 190cm  Power: 500w  Min’ Door Width: 75cm

Star Wars Pod Racer

Star Wars Retro Hire

Luke Skywalker – eat your heart out! Straight from Episode One: The Phantom Menace. The Star Wars Pod Racer brings you realism beyond the call of duty. Race against those, who plot against you as you travel at high speeds through the valley of darkness! Defeat your opponent and all who stand against you – Obe One Kanobe would be proud of you! Can link up to 4 pilots.

Spec: W: 163cm D: 150cm H: 152cm Power: 800w Min’ Door Width: 82cm

Star Wars Trilogy

Star Wars Trilogy Machine Hire

The Star Wars trilogy, the magnificent epic adventure that captivated the world, is now available as a 3D shooting game! Relive the battle between the Rebel forces and the Empire as an X-Wing fighter pilot, and many, many other favourite scenes from the movie. Different missions and fighters for each stage make for varied and addictivegame play that perfectly recaptures the feel of the original! The Star Wars Trilogy Arcade is a 3D shooter from Sega that combines different modes – flight in different types of vehicles, first person shooting and a unique lightsaber mode! All the modes are based on the classic first trilogy of films and stages feature TIE Fighter combat, Snowpeeder battles on the planet Hoth and Speeder bike chases through the forest of Endor. There are also a number of bonus stages featuring classic Star Wars characters!

Spec: W:110cm D: 250cm H: 175cm Power: 700w Min’ Door Width: 110cm

Star Wars Trilogy Upright

Star wars Trilogy Arcade Hire

The Star Wars trilogy, the magnificent epic adventure that captivated the world, is now available as a 3D shooting game! Relive the battle between the Rebel forces and the Empire as an X-Wing fighter pilot, and many, many other favourite scenes from the movie. Different missions and fighters for each stage make for varied and addictive game play that perfectly recaptures the feel of the original! The Star Wars Trilogy Arcade is a 3D shooter from Sega that combines different modes – flight in different types of vehicles, first person shooting and a unique lightsaber mode! All the modes are based on the classic first trilogy of films and stages feature TIE Fighter combat, Snowpeeder battles on the planet Hoth and Speeder bike chases through the forest of Endor. There are also a number of bonus stages featuring classic Star Wars characters!

Spec: W: 88cm D: 88cm H: 181cm Power: 500w Min’ Door Width: 88cm


Hire Sports Arcade Machines

Air Hockey

Air Hockey Table For Hire

Air Hockey Table comes in Black with easily adjustable height. The air hockey table comes complete with pucks and strikers to accommodate 2 to 4 players. Requires a mains connection to operate the air cushion.

Spec: W: 92cm  D: 180cm  H: 90cm  Power: 250w  Min’ Door Width: N/A

Alpine Racer

Alpine Racer Arcade hire

Feel the Adrenaline flow as you ski on some amazing downhill courses. You will never be able to ski like this in the real world, through giant fishers in a Glacier, over the roof tops of a sleepy village, and past the check point, to progress to the next level. (1 or 2 Player).
Spec: W: 127cm  D: 226cm  H: 194cm  Power: 1kw  Min’ Door Width: 89cm

Alpine Racer – Super

Super Alpine racer

This ski racing game has players hitting the slopes with completely new courses and brand new characters all on an amazing, vertically mounted 55” HD screen. Compete against other players using the unique ski-like platform to pass through the gates and receive an additional boost while performing incredible tricks in the air. Feel the wind through your hair as the built-in air blowers add an additional element of realism to this downhill skiing game.
Spec: W: 89cm  D: 201cm  H: 254cm  Power: 500w  Min’ Door Width: 89cm

Alpine Surfer

Alpine Snow Boarding Game

A snow boarding game where the player using their body to move a platform left and right to steer the snowboard. Players can free board or gate race, and can also perform numerous air tricks. Players control the type of air trick by quickly turning and edging the snowboard left and right at the ‘lip’ of the jump. There is also a hidden playable character, with players able to race as a penguin. There are two levels in total, and a choice of two difficulty levels.
Spec: W: 115cm  D: 245cm  H: 194cm  Power: 1kw Min’ Door Width: 115cm


Aquajet Machine Hire

Use your high powered Jet Ski to race against the clock in this fast moving simulation. Hire this game for a beach party theme event. Impress the guys and gals on the beach with your amazing jumps over ramps and swerve around wrecked ships. Although you can’t get wet playing this simulator, you will feel the power of the waves beneath your feet.

Spec: W: 105cm  D: 285cm  H: 105cm  Power: 1kw  Min’ Door Width: 105cm

Basketball Game

Basketball game hire

Double Shot electronic Basketball Game is a twin player basketball game complete with digital scoring & sound effects complete with 3 mini basketballs.

The aim of the game is simple, the 2 players compete to score as many baskets as they can in 60 seconds. All baskets are digitally counted and the digital timer keeps track of the time.

Spec: W: 130cm  D: 230cm  H: 230cm  Power: 20w  Min’ Door Width: n/a

Downhill Bikes Twin

Downhill Bikes Arcade Machine

Similar in gameplay and design to Namco’s earlier bike game Prop Cycle. The machine contains a modified exercise bike, which the players sit on. The player selects one of two courses and can increase speed by pedalling faster.

The player can steer and even pull off tricks by moving the handlebars in different ways. In total, there are over 40 unique air tricks. When the player pulls off a stunt, the machine may reward the player with a zoomed in slow motion view of the trick. The game features four selectable characters plus additional hidden characters.

Spec: W: 167cm  D: 205cm  H: 170cm  Power: 1kw Min’ Door Width: 82cm

Final Furlong

Final Furlong Arcade Machine Hire

Join us in the winner’s circle! Use a rocking motion on this 2 player horse racing simulator to encourage your horse down the straight. Press your whip button to gain maximum speed! Use the reins to avoid the rail and other horses as it will slow your horse down. Select from 1 to 3 tracks. 6 1//2 Furlongs 1 Mile 1 1/2 Mile Photo-finishes determine the winner in those oh so close races !

Spec: W: 172cm  D: 218cm  H: 185cm  Power: 1kw  Min’ Door Width: 89cm

Kick It

Kick it Arcade Machine

Kick-It Pro offers children and adults alike to participate in real kicking action to exercise their bodies and not just their minds. Whether they try to score a goal on a formidable goaltender or knock down all 10 pins in this unique version of bowling, players will find plenty of excitement in this soccer-themed game, while playing up to 3 of their friends at a time !

Spec: W: 140cm  D: 200cm  H: 200cm  Power: 1000w  Min’ Door Width: 82cm


Pool Table

Pool Tables for Hire

Full-size English match play Pool Table with 3/4 slate bed. This style table is used in most UK leagues. It comes supplied with 4 cues and one set of balls, chalk and a triangle.

Spec: W: 120cm  D: 220cm  H: 90cm  Power: N/A Min’ Door Width: 80cm

Punch Ball Machine

Punchball Machine Hire

Boxing Machine – The Boxer is perfect for bars, night clubs, gyms, amusement centers, pool halls and wherever fun and energetic crowds gather. In high traffic locations, these machines are sure-fire crowd pullers, and The Boxer is waterproof for both indoor and outdoor use !

The Boxing Machine is a punching bag style boxing game with modern electronics that is built to last and when placed in a high-traffic area, this punching machine always gathers a crowd with its bright attractive colors and lights which catch attention!

Competitive scoring encourages more play and promotes health and fitness.
Scores are given based on strength and speed, encouraging replay.

Spec: W: 150cm  D: 180cm  H: 243cm  Power: 800w Min’ Door Width: 88cm

Putting Simulator

Putting Simulator Hire

Always wanted to play against the pro’s on the most demanding courses in the world – against your friends, colleagues and family? Well, now you can. As you progress from hole to hole the putting green is dynamically changed by an advanced computer controlled mechanical system, allowing up to 4 players to play consecutively, or individuals to play from 1 – 18 holes with a unique contour on pro or amateur setting. The computer will generate a competition winner through an automated point scoring system and even returns the ball to the player !

Spec: W: 120cm D: 300cm H: 85cm Power: 250w Min’ Door Width: N/A

Rapid River

Rapid River Arcade Machine Hire

Rapid River is a fantasy white water adventure for players of all ages. The unique game cabinet is equipped with a big, deluxe screen, “raft” like seat, simple, intuitive paddle controls and a “viewpoint” button for first or third person views!

• Pneumatic seat movement, adding to the realism of the game.
• Secret codes and shortcuts.
• Dramatic bonus ending.
• Multi branching course for depth and gameplay variety.
• Different course themes.

Spec: W: 120cm  D: 230cm  H: 240cm  Power: 1000w  Min’ Door Width: 120cm

Rolling Extreme


Take on the challenges of Rolling Extreme’s Street Luge with an added hazard – the opposition. All the fun of the single ride but watch out for your opponent as he attempts to punch and knock you off your board. Take no prisoners !

Spec: W: 91cm  D: 215cm  H: 186cm  Power: 1000w  Min’ Door Width: 81cm

Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer Machine Hire

Soul Surfer takes you to the world’s greatest waves! Surf the legendary beaches of California, Polynesia, Japan, Hawaii, South Africa, Europe, and Australia. Choose one of five radical characters and hop on to a fully articulated surfboard that lets you perform over 30 outrageous surfing moves. Comes with two totally awesome levels, with eight “far out” stages that will keep players coming back for more!

Bonus stages throughout the game you’ve got to beat before you can become a true Soul Surfer.

Spec: W: 144  D: 300  H: 230  Power: 1kw  Min’ Door Width: 144

Table Football


The Table football set is stylish and practical, full size set for adult users. It comes with simple and easily detachable legs, indestructible ultra tough polyurethane plastic handles and players, durable playing surface and anti rust chrome effect steel telescopic poles. This table is a top quality Italian football table designed to look great and give the ultimate in game play.

Spec: W: 150cm  D: 112cm  H: 90cm  Power: N/A Min’ Door Width: N/A

Table Tennis


A heavy duty 22mm DHS Supreme table which is on lockable wheels and comes in two sections. This table has an extremely strong undercarriage and an 22mm surface which provides a perfect even bounce all over the table. It comes complete with four bats, balls and a clip-on net and post set.

Spec: W: 150cm  D: 2740cm  H: 90cm  Power: N/A Min’ Door Width: 90cm

Virtua Tennis


The top players in the world return in Sega’s classic sports title Virtua Tennis 4. Joined by some of the most exciting up-and-coming contenders, VT4 has an all-star line-up of 19 players includes Nadal, Federer, Murray, Sharapova, Wozniacki and Williams. One of the exciting new features in VT4 is the ‘Match Momentum Gauge‘ making for more dramatic matches. Build up your gauge over time as you stay true to the play style of your player. Then revel in your form as your player grows in confidence, allowing them to play shots mere mortals can only dream about.

Spec: W: 100cm  D: 110cm  H: 180cm  Power: 500w Min’ Door Width: 90cm


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