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FIFA Football penalty Simulator

Fifa Christmas Party – Football Penalty Simulator

PSW Events featured the Football penalty Simulator at the FIFA Christmas Party at the fabulous Kaufleuten Hotel in Zurich.

The Event team were able to build with a tight schedule on to one of the main hall stage areas before inviting FIFA staff and international guests to participate. Among the crowd were FIFA president Gianni Infantino and Marco Van Basten. A very capable number of the participants tried their luck at different kicking styles including the Ribona, the ladies were also keen to show off their skills and with a quick removal of the heels did not disappoint with their penalty attempts.

The planning of the event incorporated a stage extension detailed in conjunction with the PSW CAD design team and the venue Event installation office to allow for a safe workable area to incorporate the Football Simulator footprint. A number of online meetings took place to ensure that the Audio Visual, Staging area and other internal services would fit around the Simulator.

Logistics and Customs clearance were also taken into account at the planning stages and the 1400 mile round trip by our transport department went very smoothly. With inclement conditions being a factor in Switzerland the final load included Snow chains, Shovels and warm weather clothing to offset any challenge.

Fifa Zurich

Upcoming Sporting Event for the Football Penalty Simulator?

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