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Planning A Wedding? Don’t Forget About Entertainment

When it comes to planning a wedding there’s a lot to think about. Naturally, finding the perfect venue is front of mind for most happy couples, with brides also concerned about shopping for the most beautiful gown.

And then there’s the food, drink, guest list and honeymoon to consider, before you even start thinking about the little details of your wedding day that all come together to make it something special. One of the aspects you need to think about after you’ve found your venue is what entertainment you’re going to put on.

Of course, you’ll want some kind of music, either in the form of a live band or a DJ – or possibly both if you’re planning to party hard after your nuptials.

But have you considered getting something a bit different for your guests to enjoy – after all, there’s often quite a bit of downtime in between the ceremony and wedding breakfast for your guests who aren’t directly part of the bridal party and therefore aren’t whisked off for a host of official photographs.


Alternative entertainment options

If you’re looking for some unusual wedding entertainment, a simulator or interactive game could be the way to go. This is especially fun if you’re an active couple and have a love of a particular activity or sport.

To get your guests interacting, consider something that will encourage a bit of friendly competition. A giant Scalextric track is bound to get people talking and having a bit of fun while they sip on their Champagne, you could even hand out score cards to your guests to help everyone get involved.

Alternatively, you can go old school by hiring arcade machines. If you and your friends spent countless weekends lining up all your pocket money to play the latest games at your local arcade, this is a great way to ensure everyone has a bit of fun at your wedding.

Pick from your favourite Sega, Nintendo or Atari games, choose a retro pinball machine or hire a dance game and enjoy the fun as everyone competes to be top of the leader board.


Why choose unusual wedding entertainment?

Your wedding is, of course, about you marrying the love of your life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at the same time. People are increasingly looking for ways to personalise their nuptials and choosing a quirky entertainment option that matches one of your interests will help make your day one to remember.

If you’ll have lots of children as guests at your wedding, this kind of entertainment option can be perfect for them, as it will capture their imaginations and keep them occupied for hours. There are plenty of child-friendly arcade games, as well as numerous sports simulators that little ones will be able to enjoy just as much as adults.

So, if you’ve booked your venue for a 2017 wedding and are well underway with the planning, take a moment to think about how you’ll entertain your guests once the ceremony has finished and consider one of these more unusual options to make your big day even more memorable.