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Could Team Building Energise Your Staff In The New Year?

We all know what it feels like to return to the office after the Christmas and New Year break. Even if you love your job it can be hard to hit the ground running after a week of over indulging and watching countless holiday movies.

So if you’re a manager looking for ways to invigorate your team after the festive period, it could be worth considering a day away from your desks to try your hand at some team building activities.

While the weather in January doesn’t usually lend itself to outdoor activities, you may want to get your employees to be active – so consider instead bringing the outdoors to them.

Earlier this month, the London Economic wrote about why golf is a great team building activity, particularly if you play x`what’s known as scramble golf, where people work in teams of four to make their shots and putts.

But in January, the idea of hitting the green is likely to be less than appealing. However, there is a way to get everyone up and active without even leaving the comfort of your office – a golf simulator.

Hiring one of these for a day will give everyone a chance to tee off in the comfort of your office, and you can even challenge them to some of the most difficult holes on some of the most spectacular courses in the world.

Simulators usually have various competitive playing option as well, so once everyone’s got into the swing of things you can start a friendly competition and help everyone engage with the game.