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Your Checklist For Event Fireworks

If you’re putting on the corporate event to end all corporate events and want it to go off with, well, a bang then you’ve got to have some fireworks going off at the end really, haven’t you? It’ll be the crowning glory of the event and will ensure everyone leaves on a high. But you’ve got to be aware that by having fireworks, you’ll be making a bit of extra work for yourself.

First of all, you’ll need to have public liability insurance in place if you want to put on a good firework display. This is just for your peace of mind since accidents and incidents do rarely happen, but regardless insurance is still a must. You’d also be wise to hire someone experienced to let the fireworks off for you rather than trying to do it all yourself.

Insurance should cover any damages, claimant costs and expenses like third party property damage and illnesses or injuries to members of the public. You should also check that the cover includes the loss of or damage to any equipment that you are responsible for during and after your event.

Before the fireworks display takes place, you’ll need to establish who’s going to operate it. You can only light one yourself if you only have category one, two and three fireworks. Category four bangers have to be let off by a professional firework display company. If you source your fireworks yourself, make sure the company you buy them from is reputable and that they’ve been kept in a suitable and dry place.

You’ll also need to find a suitable venue that has enough space outside for a fireworks display, which is why you should factor your fireworks in at the start of your event planning process. You’ll find it hard to change the venue after you’ve organised it all so ensure it’s got sufficient grounds and space for a display.

Carry out a risk assessment before the big day, so you know what to do in the event that the prevailing wind changes direction, or whether something else goes wrong and you need to communicate issues with your other team members and the emergency services.

On the day of your event, check the weather and wind direction, and recheck the venue. Once you’ve carried out the necessary checks, don’t allow anyone other than the fireworks company and firing team into the area where you’re storing your fireworks. After the display is over and your event has passed, check the site and clear it properly. If you find any unexploded fireworks, make sure they’re disposed of properly.

Having a fireworks display is a great idea, no matter what event you’re putting on, but you do need to be particularly careful and plan properly so you know nothing will go wrong and everyone can enjoy your event safely.

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